Day 43: Howdy Partner

Today I did not turn Avocado into wedges as intended. Instead I went to a friends place and watched the last episode of Sherlock. It was awesome. After the episode I enquired why a section of their lounge room was looking something similar to a tip, and they responded by giving me a hat. Not just any hat, a chip n dip dorito hat.

Image                                              Pete Campbell eat your heart out.

It was going to go in the bin otherwise, so I got to have it. When I make my wedges, this hat will sit on my head as I eat them from it. Whenever I make foods for my family I will prepare something with dip so I can use this hat. I will probably replace the dorito part though. I’m thinking of going with this:

Imageor maybe this:

ImageNot sure what I’ll cover the dorito logo with. But I don’t eat those so it has to go.

Too bad the hat is a little big on me, otherwise I’d be wearing it all the time outside. It’s the perfect hat: it protects me (from the sun), feeds me, never talks back and looks cute on me. Who needs boys?

On a different topic, after Sherlock and hat giving/receiving, a group of us went to Grilled (burger place). Noticed their menu had a “how to turn our veg burgers vegan” mini guide. It was a nice gesture, but the guide simply seemed to say to remove all the things that make the burger unique to grilled (their special sauces) and remove the cheese (duh, but still, their cheese helps make the burgers). As tempting as it was, the burgers were $13. I couldn’t bring myself to part with $13 for a burger with neither sauce nor cheese. Chips cost extra.

Maybe next time though. I kinda regretted not being able to write about the “Grilled vegan burger experience” on this here blog, and sitting eating chips whilst everyone else ate epic burgers was lame. I’m really getting over the eating chips/wedges when everyone else is eating a normal/appropriate meal at every food place we go to.

 I’ll give Grilled another try when feeling rich or have someone with me who owes me a dinner.

To awesome gifts!

Summer Tay.


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