Month: February 2014

Day 84: So I Lied (Not a Vitamix)




Le Blender Swag

Dozens of good consumer reviews. No bad reviews (legit ones anyway: 3 people who didn’t understand the concept between barley any noise and noiseless and 1 person who accidentally hit 1 star instead of 5 then raved how awesome it was in comment). Can make perfect avo pesto in 1 minute. Possibly also capable of crushing ice.

Summer Tay.


Day 83: The Temptation And Fall Of Man (Or In This Case Woman)

Zarraffas is the tastiest coffee on the entire planet the whole planet, that I have tasted to so far in my small corner of the globe. This fact is why I go there more often than I go to sushi train (a lot). But today the coffee was not the same. Today it tasted bland, almost tasteless. It tasted meh. I was about 3/4 of the way through before I realised I hadn’t specified my soy preference. Well, shoot. I’ve gotten so used to my soy coffees that I forgot that’s not how they normally make it. Now I am only 1 strike away from losing my vegan powers 😦

On the flipside, AmAzInG vegan burger at none other than a fish n chip store of all places. On their menu I also noticed the deep friend regular sized mars bar at a completely normal and realistic cost of $3.50. At that moment I realised I never did get around to trying that before going vegan. In that moment I wanted one oh, so badly. Resistance to non vegan things: lowering. Desire to try new things: rising.

Ok so I am going to figure out how to make vegan chocolate, I’m going to figure out how to make a vegan mars bar (or snickers) and then I am going to buy a deep fryer and then I am going to make the chocolate bar and deep fry it and eat it. This is going to happen. Dammit. If it works out, deep fried ferrero rocher here I come. I also hear they do this with ice cream in some places. I wonder how choc soy would go?

Good thing I had the good sense to refrain from the mars bar before derping my coffee order, or my guitar skills might have become even more tragic.

In other news, figured out who I want to go as to Supanova (Aussie version of comic con): Todd Ingram.

F yeah.

Summer Tay.

P.S. Yes I know I am a girl.

P.S.S. Yes I know he is a guy.

P.S.S.S. Yes I know that technically counts as cross dressing. It’s cosplay. Let it go.

P.S.S.S.S. This deep fryer is going to be great for my health! 😀

Day 82: Pumpkin Balls

Spicy food is disgusting. Pumpkin is disgusting.Mix them together and what do you get? My latest dumbass purchase: spicy pumpkin balls. I treated them like potato balls and tried them straight. Turns out they taste just like falafel and should only be eaten with other things. Kinda wish the packaging warned of this, but oh well. Why do I keep feeling compelled to try all the things I  dislike in vegan style?

In other news, finding a chocolate ball recipe that doesn’t involve a blender is difficult. I am making it my mission to create several choc ball recipes that do not require anything other than ingredients and your hands. Eventually. For now it’s go with the one recipe found that fits my equipment capabilities and if it goes well, blog it, and if it goes badly, blog it, then punch my pillow. Finding this recipe took ages.

In a mood to cook/bake foods, but its late, and I’m not at home. Such a waste of a mood. Cannot wait to cook yummy things!

Summer Tay.

Day 80: Raw Dessert Indulgence

Today started with a  long sleep in as I nursed a cold that I suspect has cost me my job (it was a work day after all). It continued with a meal that accidentally consisted 50% of brown rice to 49% vegie and 1% vegan chicken schnitzel cut into medium sized pieces. I suspect brown rice in large amounts has  a weird affect on me. The last few times I had it my mouth and lips went slightly numb. I then went to view an apartment that included a pool, spa, sauna, gym and balcony view of the ocean & some city from my room for my original max price (before seeing how terrible most other places are for this price and crying tears of poordom into my pillow whilst raising the maximum price on my apartment searches). This will followed by sushi train for dinner (naturally) and then Mandala, for dessert.

Today was a good day.Just no-one tell that I’m slightly just a hint of unemployed okay?

They had 3 cake options: Pineapple & Lime, Chocolate, or Blueberry Coconut – all raw. My friend picked chocolate, and i went with the one I felt least likely to ever make myself at home: Pineapple and Lime. We each got a scoop of coconut ice cream – both vanilla, since we already had other chocolate things.


It was frickin’ amazing.

The cake for me was a surprise success. What I thought would be once off to try turned out to be a very pleasing cake. The chocolate, ate by the carnivorous close friend, was enjoyed even faster than mine. As described by her, the vegan choc cake tasted different to regular choc cake, but it was equal in tastyness and merriment. Such yum.


The hot chocolate was so strong I don’t think I could have swallowed it any stronger. They really make an amazingly full on taste for your mouthbuds. I’ll be coming back for this.

The cakes change every day, though the chocolate is virtually every day, being so popular and all. I’m glad I got the one I got, since the blueberry probably gets repeated more often, since it is the more popular fruit dessert-wise. Too bad a cake with ice cream costs about the same as a full meal at many places.

To super expensive vegan indulgences,

Summer Tay

Day 79: Oh, Cosmo! (a tale of google searching, weight issues and my future marriage)

You know what really grinds my gears?  Typing a question into google and getting the answer to the exact opposite question. If I wanted to lose weight I would have asked how to lose weight.

Initially going to write about how to gain weight, or for those losing it how not to do so too fast. Yes some people have problems such as these, and yes they are dangerous. Though that is not what this blog piece is going to be about. In my search for valid research articles I fell upon none other than Cosmopolitans online magazine article: How to Keep Off Post-Wedding Pudge – (Byline) Many women gain major pounds in their first year as a wife. That added flab can put a strain on your sexuality… and your relationship.
The whole article was a joke, and not in a look at me I’m telling a funny kind of way. This was a I am serious you should jump off a bridge (feel 10 pounds lighter!) kind of way. I had to write about this.

According to a Cosmopolitan article, uploaded from their magazine no doubt, women gain their most weight right after getting married. They do this because either they went pre-wedding weight loss boot camp to fit into a smaller dress for their future husby, and have now gone back to regular meals, or they start acting like a married woman. That is, eating the same meals and desserts and snacks as her husband. Eating the same portions as her husband. Cosmo warns its women readers if you gain weight after you get married, men will think you don’t care about them anymore, so you must keep your weight down or your husband will believe you don’t love him anymore.

The hell Cosmo.

To lose and keep the weight off, Cosmo suggests:

Ordering first at restaurants. I assume this does not mean order my meal first, have mine, then let him order his. So I guess they are suggesting that when men order, they order something fattening, and then the woman decides to splurge too. Not like husby is worried about his weight post marriage. We women are too heavily influenced by our mans eating habits. I’d love to see the statistics on this, then see about who conducted the study? Who funded it? What was their sample size? Which countries did they cover? Women who order first are more likely to order something less fattening, because their man will order something fattening and influence them. I have never, in my life, decided what I’m ordering after any of my male friends or any boyfriend has ordered. I look at that menu, I decide what appeals to me most, I announce that I know what I want and ask if everyone else is ready to order. Who waits till others have ordered to decide what they’re ordering, who I ask you? I’ve never seen this happen before in my life. Do you do this? Does anyone do this?

Now for either making your portions smaller, or have different foods. Now I don’t know about you, but unless my future husby is willing to cook two completely different meals to cater to my personal tastes on his turns to cook (which will be every second day), that ‘aint happening. As for smaller sizes, why should I? Why would I minimise my portions? I’ll put on my plate the portion of my desire. If there is any left when I am done, I will put it in the freezer for later. If I am still hungry, I will grab some more and chow down until I feel done.  My portion size is none of anyone elses business.

Want to know how to really lose some weight after getting married? Don’t care what he or anyone else thinks about your choice of diet and portion size, immediately feel a weight remove itself from your mind and shoulders. It’ll feel amazing. You won’t know how happy you could be until you lose those particular extra pounds holding you down. Or you could divorce him, that’s probably at least 70kgs shaved off right there.

Well I guess cosmo gave me my answer though. I have to get married. Get some weight on these bones. Any takers?

To Male Order Husbands,

Summer Tay.

P.S. I hate you cosmopolitan magazine. I hate you with the power of a thousand suns.

P.S.S. Holy crap! Looking at male order husbys and the hate on women who would do so and all other women too whilst their at it is phenominal. Men, get your sh*t together.
If you really want a women, maybe you should become someone who deserves one. Check what these girls are saying they’re missing from guys like you (read: respect, love, compassion, to name a few), then see if maybe you need to work on yourself instead of leaving nasty comments about the place. Or order yourself a mail order wife. She will need to stay with you a few years to become entitled to stay in your country and half your moolah, so you know she’ll be stuck with your ass stick around a few years.
Just sayin’.

Day 78: Hipster Hangouts, Vegan Nachos and Chocolate Minty Balls

 The Scooby Gang (my friends and I) decided to go back to the hipster hangout this Saturday. Instead of heading straight to the vegan themed stall, I checked out what else was about. Found a nacho stall that advertised vegan friendly nachos. For the same price as a salad. It had avocado. It was sold.


It tasted fantastic. It tasted good. It filled me about half way through. I kept eating anyway, half because it tasted so good and half because it didn’t come with a lid. Eventually a friend had to finish it for me. Guess I’m more Daphne than Shaggy, despite my love of big, adorable dogs and food.

of course, there is always room for chocolate.


As per usual it was half eaten before I remembered to take a picture. It tasted even better than the nachos. It was so good I almost didn’t share the crumbs that fell into the ripped-with-haste paper bag. But I did. And they loved it. We will be buying at least one each next time we go. If they have them. If they don’t then I think I will cry. They had many flavours, the only one I remember being caramel. They didn’t have any of them last week. Want. So much. Right now. Why did I only buy one?

I think I will try to make these for next family get together. If anything should be too good looking to resist trying and to good tasting to not try twice. This will make them see how much I am not missing out on a thing being vegan – vegan foods rock the peoples socks.

To dreaming of chocolate balls,

Summer Tay 😉

Day 77: Morning Caffiene Fix

Due to a current hobby of my employer to call me at 5 / 6 for a 6 / 7 instead of an 8 in the am start, I have taken to drinking red bull with my every breakfast. Because there is no coffee on earth strong enough for that hour.

No wonder people love bread so much – it is the only breakfasty food I can think of that is easy to make and you can take with you in the car as you rush (at the speed limit of course *looks left to right*) to work.

I love food, and I love when other people make it for me when I’m too tired to make it myself. Suspect it’s back to the hipster joint tomorrow for some more made-by-someone-else vegan nom noms.

To food!

Summer Tay.

Day 76: Die You Car Hitting Piece Of (A Blog Piece About Vegan Aged Care Options And My Car)

Cooking (real animal) chicken at 6-8am in the morning is one of the most grossest things I have ever had to do in my life. The smell. It gets into your clothes. It gets on your hands. It gets in your nose. Why am i cooking real, animal chicken at 6am in the frickin morning? Because I get paid a tiny minimum wage to that’s why, and I need to get a massive dint out of the back of my car (and afford groceries and rent and things).

Every meal that is made is made this meat and/or dairy and often egg. I feel bad for the people I’m cooking for. Looking at the menu I cook, and remembering the menu my Nana had when she was in aged care, I have noticed that they both have essentially the same menu, right down to the rice pudding. If you’re ever wondering of a home is a good place for your mum/grammy/dad/grampy, don’t bother stressing the food that much because they’ll all be the same. Maybe do a check to see how many staff they have on the floor though, and how easy they are to find, because that is where the money seems to make the difference.

Wonder if any homes are vegan… it appears not 😦 Though vegetarian is on the rise. So much so the government have factored this trend into their aged care menu assessment. It’s a start. Hopefully when I’m 80something all this vegan stuff will leave me looking 30ish like it does other long term vegans and I won’t need a home. But if I do, I hope they have viable vegan options by then. There are none right now. Anywhere in Australia anyways.

To anyone looking for a bounty to cash in, find the douchebag who crashed into my car. The reward: My love. Because I’m broke. And because I’m awesome, you know you want my love 😛

To the few good police who actually tried to help, I thank you.

Summer Tay.

P.S. The story behind the car? Someone – and I suspect they were as high as a kite, that got stuck to a space ship and got sent into space – hit the car next to me and left a dint the size of my pinky finger and hit mine with a dint the size of the grand canyon. The cars were parked. There were cctv cameras in the area. The bit that tickles me is my mum was in the car, and she was very tempted to stay in it, what with the air con and the InSaNeLy hot weather outside and all. But she decided last second she was hopping out and joining me for a blender check at Good Guys. We were 10 minutes, give or take 5. And in that 5-15 minutes, some… “person”, left that dint on my car.  Cost to fix: $610. My excess: $500. I don’t even have $500 spare. Not for this.

But none of this is the best bit. Wanna know the best? Ok, I’ll tell you the best bit. According to the police, this is not a crime. They are not willing to inspect the video footage which would have been available at the time I called it in (immediately). The footage would have by now been dleted accoridng to the shopping centre management.  Infact this is so legal, the police won’t even look at the cctv footage of the scene or investigate. Not unless the insurance company asks them to. Guess if I wanted some police love I should have been born a corporation.
Alos should mention, the cctv footage is deleted after 3 days. Only police (not mere civilians such as myself) can request it’s continued existence, and they did not. It’s gone now.

F’ the po-lice. But not literally. Because they suck.