Because her cat is just that cute.

I worry about my neighbours cat. For anonymitys sake lets her honeybun, because her actual name is equally ridiculous and frankly I find honeybun a funny and befitting name for this adorable cat.

Honeybun is your standard domestic cat with her awesome level set to 1000. She wants pats like a dog seeing its owner after a long holiday. She likes to explore your house like Tomb Raider likes to explore tombs. She loves everyone to no exception and isn’t afraid to show it. Or at least she did.  A few months ago HB got into a bit of scuffle with some youths. They beat her up with their fists, feet and pushbikes (yes pushbikes, they were that young). The owner took a swift course of action: she kept Honeybuns inside for a week (no vet, no meds, just inside).

Now Honeybuns is a scared little cat, wasted away to skin and bones and much grayer, heavily matted hair. She keeps scratching herself too, which means fleas.Her beautiful teeth are almost all gone. My suspicions include not being fed, organ damage, fleas, worms and gum disease.  So Ive opted to take her to the vet. Eventually.

The issues here are, she ain’t my cat, and I ain’t rich. Since she isn’t my cat I have no right to feed her, let alone take her to the vet. Another nearby neighbour has been “caught ” feeding Honeybuns in the past and got a new one torn (which is why my feeding her has been strictly indoors, much to my mothers and my hairs chagrin).

It is possible Honeybuns owner does not realise her cat doesn’t have teeth anymore and has been trying to plump her up with cat biscuits. Which of course don’t get eaten due to an inability to chew them. Hence, her owner assumes the cat is choosing not to eat. Or so I assume…

Between a significant lack of money and a non-ownership of the dear pussycat I am stuck waiting until my funds repleat. What I’m wondering is how much money should I accumulate before taking her to the vet. I know she needs medical attention several months ago. A recap of above: check her vitals over the beating from months ago, check her teeth and gums for issues, get rid of the fleas and the tail hair clump and the possible worms, how much is all that going to cost me? The embarrassment of going in and then not having anywhere near enough money to pay for her is probably what stopped her actual owner in the first place. The fear of going to help the cat only to be rejected and the owner notified of my attempt… Once that clump of hair is gone her owner is bound to notice someone has been taking care of her cat again :S

Emotionally, HB seems to have good days and bad days. Today she cannot stand to be touched and moews louder than I have ever heard her meow before. It is a bad day. I hope to one day see her be her old self again. Until then I will keep trying to woo her over with food and an eventual scary vet trip.

If it were your neighbours cat, what would you do? Leave her be because she isn’t yours, let the owner know your thoughts/suggestions and be done with the matter, or break societal norms and anonymously help out in an obvious manner?


Summer Tay.


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