“Meat is healthy” says meat industry.

TLDR: Meat industry tells governments to change scientific research paper findings from meat is unfit for human consumption to eat meat regularly – because the industry would die otherwise.

Good morning! How have you been? I have been splendid! Well, in truth I’ve been wondering where on earth the juicing part of my juicer went, wondering how the waitress cross cook got vegan mixed up with please put beef mince and cheese on my pizza, indefinitely borrowing a spare juicer part from some friends (oh how I love my friends right now *drinks fresh orange juice for the first time in over a month*),  and wondering why God is so cruel as to give watermelon an off season.

These thoughts were put aside as a full scale hunt (google search) was made for intelligent nutrition youtube channels. It took a minute to find a list that wasn’t purely about celebrities and how to lose weight – mostly lose weight. Then I found

Hosted by Dr. Michael Gregor, the channel takes on scientific research and journal entries relating or relevant to health, nutrition and the food industry. The video that got my attention was titled The Funding Effect. The video makes use of several published research papers that discuss the correlation of scientific paper results and the desired result of the person or corporation funding said paper.

What the video found was that a research paper into the meat industry found animal to be unsuitable for human consumption. This did not go down well with the animal consumption (meat, dairy, eggs) industry. If people were advised by their government not to eat any meat, eggs or dairy, then they would do so. The industry pressured the government to change the wording. The government met them half way: eat less meat, eggs and dairy. This was still not good enough. If people are advised to eat less, they will want to know why. The meat/animal consumption industry believes so strongly that if you knew what meat and egg and dairy is really doing to your health you would not eat that. Their industry would go out of business you would be that adverse to it. Therefor the wording must advise the population to eat meat, eggs and dairy on a regular basis for a healthy diet. Otherwise the economy, the animal industry argues, will suffer.

Of course in reality the agriculture and other industries would absorb the economic effect and employees of the animal industry would have found jobs quickly in agriculture and other positively affected industries.

Some would still say that human health should not be placed before corporate profit and the industry should still survive because the economy, and to them I say ok, then go brush your teeth with radium in an asbestos house with lead pipes. No?

Suggestion@Google: If you’re really not going to stop posting ridiculous lose weight adverts everywhere at least have the decency to link us some sexy flowery muumuus as well.

Suggestion@science: If you’re going to allow corporations to fund scientific research then insist all contributing corporations be identified on the paper in an easily accessible, easy to read fashion.
Ultimately, research papers such as this will always have money involved, because even if an industry doesn’t pay for the research, they can pay or lobby the government to keep research from the public. Never-the-less, I’d still like to know if my research was brought to me by a person or company with a vested interest in the research findings.

Stay profitable compadres,

Summer Tay.

*If you’re interested in learning more on the funding effect then here is a link to a free paper of Sheldon Krimskys work similar to that mentioned in the video linked above. The one mentioned would cost $30 and as much as I like you, I don’t spend $30 and break a (albeit terrible) law for you like you.

*fun fact: according to scientific studies, soft drink coca cola is good for you and has 0 negative health affects, yay! …


Day 94: I am a dragon


I am Grima.

Grima is… is me.

Well that explains the love of raw bear meat. I am a mother flippin’, fire breathin’, Fell Dragon. Or at least I was, in the future. Perhaps this new development will convince my character to go vegan?

In other developments: recommitting to no energy drinks (ever) and no coffee (except for when I make an exception…) – but not to no caffeine. Got to keep it realistic.

For some reason the desire for coke lives on. The longer I go without it, the stronger it gets. It’s like a craving that doesn’t have a pass point. You know, that point where you go without something for so long you stop wanting it? Yeah, coke doesn’t have one of those.

I don’t care how hypocritical it is, if I have kids, they are not getting soft drink of any kind. Ever. Way too addictive.

Summer Tay.

Day 85: Sporty Is My Favourite Kind Of Spice!

Thoughts on a high school – subsection sports. Normal and healthy kids have an array of generic sports to choose from: tennis, soccer, basketball and if you go to a private school,  surfing! You know,  the kind of sport that has no people limit, almost anyone can learn, can be done with and without other people and my favourite part is you don’t have to be the best of the best of the best just to get to join in.

But I didn’t get that.  I went to a public school.  When I didn’t make it onto the sports teams I did what any girl who didn’t actually care and have just tried out to appease her parents would do: I joined the gaming club. Which was a double room with board games and stacks of cards. We made a house of cards (zing), I lost every single game of chess and met my best friend.  And we chatted. And we did not sport at all.

The school got away with this class by telling the parents we were studying. lol.

But now that I’m a little (just a little) older, a little wiser, a little more health conscious,  I wonder if maybe the school system lets our younglings down.  Maybe if private school and public school had equal chances at sports that attract an array of people.  They have their own pool, own gym, go rock climbing,  surfing and I suspect bush walking. Those b*st*rds.

I cannot help but wonder what difference this makes to a persons feelings and convictions towards exercise. Not only exercise but their health as a whole. I wonder if I would have been more interested if I got to do the sports id have felt comfy doing – where I can go my own pace, be as good as I want to be without a) letting anyone down if im not as good as others and b) not hurt anyone if I’m better at something than them. Some people and their parents/friends/teachers/everyone in thier lives are obsessed with sport and if those kids went home beaten…

So my question for today is how do you feel your schools sports options and your ability to get into your prefered option? Did it affect your feelings on sport, exercise,  and health and anything else?

It made me value chatting over playing a game to make my friends (+) and made me not take exercise seriously as an important part of life for a long time (-).

Not quite vegan, but part 2 includes home economis. Its not here because this is long enough for a mobile upload.

Have a sporting day!

Summer Tay.

Day 5 : Impulsivity

Forget diet planning, I hate diet planning, I am going to buy a juicer instead. Yeah, a nice one.

Specs: must be cheap and easy to use (*like ya mum), hard to break, easy to fix and get spare parts for if required, have a good warranty and be quiet as a mouse. I want to be able to use this thing at 3am and not incur the wrath of my beloved house-mates of whom are not related to me and there-for not obliged to put up with any bullony. According to the web cold pressed slow juicing increases the length of time the juice is fresh and nutrient-full. I want this.

-later in the day-

Looking at ebay, customer reviews and company websites, I’m noticing some issues. Some juicer review sites seem to have been attacked by automated bots. I do not trust the positive ones, and on several juicers those that do give a negative say the same thing: the warranty is useless. If the product breaks in anyway, the company will not get back to you, you will not get a replacement part nor machine, not even a refund. And these are several hundred dollar machines. With pursed lips I continue my search for the perfect juicer.

-later still-

I honestly have not found a single juicer that I could genuinely get behind and recommend to anyone. That is disappointing, I was expecting this to end with a woohoo new juicer, I shall recommend it to all the populus! But no. Call me over-cautious, but when it comes to spending money I want to be sure of my purchase. A loud and proud juicer owner and good friend has been giving me plenty of juicer purchase horror stories to go with my search. Broke easily, wasn’t very powerful, hard to clean, etc etc. None happened to him of course just his friends, his juicer is the cats pajamas. Perfect in every way. Except for the part where it sounds like a lawn mower somehow got into the house and is running a rampage, like a microphone held up to a 17 year old males car engine, like your ear drums begging for death. And his wife, also a friend, just found it on ebay, auction ending in 15 minutes. Dang.

-not much later-

Personally tested the juicer. It rocks. I want it. I bid on it.

-a few seconds later-

It is mine. Now to wait for it via the snail mail. OH my gosh I just thought, I hope it doesn’t get broken in the mail… Dangit. Well I hope this end wells, that the juicer works, that the juice tastes good, that it doesn’t become a fad, that I find a way to make juice any time I want without becoming a victim of accidental death at 3.15am.

So excited, cannot wait for my juicer 😀

Pfft, diet planning.

Summer Tay.

*I’m sorry, but the joke was right there, I had to do it.

Day 2: Reasons

Why go vegan? Why take on a highly restrictive diet? Why remove all the fun from your diet? Many people ask me this when I tell them what I’m doing. Many people assume it’s for the animals, or that I’m trying to lose weight, or both. In reality I am doing it for my health, though kudos to those who it for the animals. The other main reasons I have heard that people have gone vegan are for spiritual reasons, some to follow their friends and some to follow their celeb idols. Have to admit, I’d love it if I had a good network of vegan friends.

I have received a fair bit of attention on both the animals and the anorexia issue. In their defence there isn’t much of me to begin with, and the fact that vegan diets have a reputation for weight loss means that, whilst they are wrong in their incessant assumption of body image issues, they still have a hidden but valid point: I will need to be careful about not losing any weight. Their other concern I do not understand. Yes, I refuse to eat animal. No, I do not care if you do. This could delve into commentary on the morality of animal products and how they are created, but I won’t go into that today. My point today is, people might not understand your choice, nor support it. In fact, they might be offended. I do not understand why they are offended, and yet do at the same time. They have a fear that I as a vegan will look down upon them for eating meat. I really couldn’t care less.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m about as upset at the treatment of animals as the next peta petitioning activist vegan, but my theory for handling it would not be to make a naked billboard of myself covered in lambs. The people I love are afraid that I will see and treat them as the enemy, carnivorously evil sub-humans. I won’t.

What I would do, is petition for humane treatment of animals during the entire meat creation process. This disappoints vegans as I am not seen as going far enough, and disappoints carnivores because if the animals were treated humanely then the cost of meat would go up who knows how much. On this however, I refuse to budge. Truth be told I would like to see meat banned: killing animals is wrong and eating them is unhealthy. But the human race does not appear ready for that to happen. These changes take time, and making humane treatment of animals the first step (and the subsequent price increase and assumed considerable decrease in meat product available) will be an effective start. Many people don’t realise how much meat product they eat and would proclaim not to eat much meat even if they included it in every single meal of every single day.  Breaking that cycle could be the toughest part. Even if it doesn’t lead to the end of the meat industry, it’ll still be the end of it as we know it, and many animals would still be grateful I’d bet.

Tip for the day is to be prepared to handle a negative reaction to your choice and turn it into a positive. For me, I can sense it is going to take a while for some to come around. Feel free to share your funny/informative/moving/ingenious “coming out” as a vegan story if you have one.

Stay healthy,

Summer Tay