Day 85: Sporty Is My Favourite Kind Of Spice!

Thoughts on a high school – subsection sports. Normal and healthy kids have an array of generic sports to choose from: tennis, soccer, basketball and if you go to a private school,  surfing! You know,  the kind of sport that has no people limit, almost anyone can learn, can be done with and without other people and my favourite part is you don’t have to be the best of the best of the best just to get to join in.

But I didn’t get that.  I went to a public school.  When I didn’t make it onto the sports teams I did what any girl who didn’t actually care and have just tried out to appease her parents would do: I joined the gaming club. Which was a double room with board games and stacks of cards. We made a house of cards (zing), I lost every single game of chess and met my best friend.  And we chatted. And we did not sport at all.

The school got away with this class by telling the parents we were studying. lol.

But now that I’m a little (just a little) older, a little wiser, a little more health conscious,  I wonder if maybe the school system lets our younglings down.  Maybe if private school and public school had equal chances at sports that attract an array of people.  They have their own pool, own gym, go rock climbing,  surfing and I suspect bush walking. Those b*st*rds.

I cannot help but wonder what difference this makes to a persons feelings and convictions towards exercise. Not only exercise but their health as a whole. I wonder if I would have been more interested if I got to do the sports id have felt comfy doing – where I can go my own pace, be as good as I want to be without a) letting anyone down if im not as good as others and b) not hurt anyone if I’m better at something than them. Some people and their parents/friends/teachers/everyone in thier lives are obsessed with sport and if those kids went home beaten…

So my question for today is how do you feel your schools sports options and your ability to get into your prefered option? Did it affect your feelings on sport, exercise,  and health and anything else?

It made me value chatting over playing a game to make my friends (+) and made me not take exercise seriously as an important part of life for a long time (-).

Not quite vegan, but part 2 includes home economis. Its not here because this is long enough for a mobile upload.

Have a sporting day!

Summer Tay.