Banana custard is delicious recipe

After a long time of eating the same old same old I finally branched out again, into the easiest new recipe I could find: Banana custard. It requires only 7 ingredients and takes only 14 minutes to prep and make.


  • 4 cups almond milk (or milk of choice)
  • 4 tbsp corn starch
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 large, ripe, mashed bananas
  • 4 tsp vanilla extract
  • As much cinnamon as you desire


  1. Sift corn starch, sugar and salt into a medium-large pot.
  2. Add milk and mashed banana into mixture. Whisk the mixture until there are limited to no banana chunks left.
  3. Cook mixture on a medium heat, stirring regularly. Continue this until the trail does not close in upon itself – this usually takes approximately 10 minutes. I kept cooking for another 2 minutes after this occurred for extra thickness.
  4. Remove mixture from heat and mix in vanilla essence and cinnamon.

At this point the mixture tastes good. Let it sit for 5 minutes and really absorb the vanilla and cinnamon then try it. So much more deliciousness.

As usual, carnivorous friends did the taste test. Thus far this has been graded as one of my better concoctions and worthy of being made again. And they have told me when to let a recipe go.

This quest for a new recipe began when a close friend became unwell and as a result required a much healthier, stricter diet. When I heard he couldn’t even eat cake (the horror!) I knew I had to find healthy vegan recipes to bring back the joy to his diet. This meant not only finding vegan, but finding little to no sugar, fat, carbohydrates or dangerous additions added in the form of numbers and misleading terms such as “made from natural ingredients”. It’s not the easiest task.  It may come down to creating completely new recipes.

If anyone knows of genuinely healthy recipes and would like to hear me giving them a whirl and how it went down the carni’s send me a link in the comment section. My friend and his very supportive and cake deprived girlfriend will be very delighted and grateful 🙂

Have a happy summer ya’ll!

Summer Tay.

P.S. My peace candle melted in the heat, during G20. Meanwhile Russia has its navy on the Australian (my countries) borders. That candle has been around longer than I have and it chooses now to melt?


ABC, easy as 123, simple as do re mi, pls set the animals free.

Warning: graphical description ahead. 

My first thought when I read this article was “they’ll just shape the law to make “animal abuse” an arbitrary, meaningless term. This will never work.” I feel so jadded.

When animals in cages smaller than their wing span isn’t considered abuse what is? When forced vaginal entry and permanent fornification until insemination/lactation isn’t considered abuse what is? How are they intending to measure this to determine abuse – will efficiency, profit, quality or quantity of meat/dairy/eggs/produce be factored in? Just what exactly will and will not be classified as abuse?

The entire process seems so horrifically abusive that to have any compassion at all for the animals the entire industry would be shut down. Since that isn’t likely to happen via this potential new law it can be argued that their concept of what is and isn’t abuse will be skewered.

Summer Tay.

Chocolate coated balls – a recipe

Tl/Dr: Make churroes in ball shape, make spanish hot chocolate as your drink and dipping sauce in one. Buy from op shops. 

I do not own a piping bag. To look at all the food makers of all genres this feels a bit like not having a TV, but in kitchen utencil form.  But this is ok, I have learnt to make do. For example today I decided it had been too long since the sweet yet savoury and oh so delicious taste of churros had delighted my taste buds, so I decided to give it a go.

The Ingredients 

  • 1 cup water
  • 5 tbs white sugar
  • ½ tsp pink salt
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • 1 cup flour
  • Oil
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 tbs ground cinnamon

The method

  1. Combine water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil in a medium pot. Stir mixture until the mixture becomes a paste.
  2. Preheat oven at 180 degrees. Place sufficient vegetable oil into a baking pan.
  3. Roll paste into small-medium sized balls. Or pipe them into a long churro shape. Place on baking pan and put into oven. Cook for approx. 10 minutes or until the mixture looks slightly brown. Drain on a paper towel.
  4. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl/lidded cup. Roll churros in mixture.
  5. Create a chocolate dipping sauce, dip the churros into the dipping sauce, then eat.

I poured the cinnasugar mixture into the chip n dip then rolled it in that. It worked. This recipe made about 13 churro balls, so probably 4 normal sized churros. Making really small balls then minimising cooking time to probably 5 minutes would make for a great party treat.

The sauce was discover whilst on a search for a good, thick, Spanish hot chocolate recipe. Coincidentally this drink can double as a churro dipping sauce. How could I pass uop the opportunity to make my sauce and drink at the same time?

The ingredients  

  • 5 tbs Cocoa
  • 4 tbs sugar
  • ½ tbs corn starch (or in my case corn flour) 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup organic oat milk.

The Method
1. Combine all ingredients in a deep pot and continually stir on a lowish-medium heat.  Continue this until the mixture is at your desired consistency.

2. Pour delicious hotness all over your churros / dip your churro balls into the mixture in a classy fashion and do not double dip. 

The churro recipe was sourced from all recipes whilst the Spanish hot chocolate X churro dipping sauce came from may I have that recipe. The dipping sauce is supposed to have corn starch, however I used corn flour. The grocery stores didn’t have the starch, I had to improvise. It did not come out drinkable.

The chip n dip is also my latest kitchen addition. Less than half the original price at the local second hand store, still unopened in its box. It’s on its first week and already been used twice. This thing looks impressive on the table. I thoroughly recommend op shopping.

Hope you like the recipe and churroes in their new shape. No offence to regular churroes.

With love,

Summer Tay.

Ever wanted to tell a polly what you think? Go for it!

 Teo Zagar, Member of Vermonts House of Representatives has gone onto reddit to answer questions regarding a supposed GMO labelling bill. Questions and comments raised have been very intelligent. the house member advised that he would be back later to continue answering questions so if you have any now is a good time to get in there. 

The last I had read about GMO labelling was that at least 37 GMO foods were being granted “Organic” status under the (American) law. If I find that proof again that’s where my question will be headed.   

For agriculture,

Summer Tay

Because her cat is just that cute.

I worry about my neighbours cat. For anonymitys sake lets her honeybun, because her actual name is equally ridiculous and frankly I find honeybun a funny and befitting name for this adorable cat.

Honeybun is your standard domestic cat with her awesome level set to 1000. She wants pats like a dog seeing its owner after a long holiday. She likes to explore your house like Tomb Raider likes to explore tombs. She loves everyone to no exception and isn’t afraid to show it. Or at least she did.  A few months ago HB got into a bit of scuffle with some youths. They beat her up with their fists, feet and pushbikes (yes pushbikes, they were that young). The owner took a swift course of action: she kept Honeybuns inside for a week (no vet, no meds, just inside).

Now Honeybuns is a scared little cat, wasted away to skin and bones and much grayer, heavily matted hair. She keeps scratching herself too, which means fleas.Her beautiful teeth are almost all gone. My suspicions include not being fed, organ damage, fleas, worms and gum disease.  So Ive opted to take her to the vet. Eventually.

The issues here are, she ain’t my cat, and I ain’t rich. Since she isn’t my cat I have no right to feed her, let alone take her to the vet. Another nearby neighbour has been “caught ” feeding Honeybuns in the past and got a new one torn (which is why my feeding her has been strictly indoors, much to my mothers and my hairs chagrin).

It is possible Honeybuns owner does not realise her cat doesn’t have teeth anymore and has been trying to plump her up with cat biscuits. Which of course don’t get eaten due to an inability to chew them. Hence, her owner assumes the cat is choosing not to eat. Or so I assume…

Between a significant lack of money and a non-ownership of the dear pussycat I am stuck waiting until my funds repleat. What I’m wondering is how much money should I accumulate before taking her to the vet. I know she needs medical attention several months ago. A recap of above: check her vitals over the beating from months ago, check her teeth and gums for issues, get rid of the fleas and the tail hair clump and the possible worms, how much is all that going to cost me? The embarrassment of going in and then not having anywhere near enough money to pay for her is probably what stopped her actual owner in the first place. The fear of going to help the cat only to be rejected and the owner notified of my attempt… Once that clump of hair is gone her owner is bound to notice someone has been taking care of her cat again :S

Emotionally, HB seems to have good days and bad days. Today she cannot stand to be touched and moews louder than I have ever heard her meow before. It is a bad day. I hope to one day see her be her old self again. Until then I will keep trying to woo her over with food and an eventual scary vet trip.

If it were your neighbours cat, what would you do? Leave her be because she isn’t yours, let the owner know your thoughts/suggestions and be done with the matter, or break societal norms and anonymously help out in an obvious manner?


Summer Tay.

Day 115: The Day I Officially Stop Doing This Daily

For the second time in a row I have been AWOL from my beloved blog and from you. The reason why is the last blog I wrote was long, and it was factual, it was funny, it was good, it was deleted and replaced with a draft for a different piece when I pressed publish. I was not amused, and I did not have the time to re-write. Several days later (aka now) I have officially decided that I don’t want to this every day anymore.

Well I do, but, I have found one personal issue with doing so – the blog feels rushed. Not enough time in the day to properly research a subject, make sure it’s funny and informative and proofread before posting. It is mainly for this reason but also those above that I am only going to post when I have something truly worthy of your gorgeous, intelligent eyes to read. I will also be doing posts of just pictures on occasion. This may lead to more than one post a day. It’ll be so worth it, if I may say so myself.

Brace yourself, awesome posts are coming.

Summer Tay.

In other news, I just found out there are recipes for making tofu taste like real bacon. Trying really hard not to get my hopes up but oh dear holy angels who art on heaven let it be true. (Damn I miss bacon. And cheese. Vegan Cheesy Bacon I will find a way and I will make you and you shall be delicious.)

Day 108: When at War (D106, D107)

Hello my dear readers! No I have not forgotten you, I have simply been internet deprived for several days. How I survived I do not know.

The reason why I was internet deprived, I went to war. It was harrowing. There were many casualties and I for one got hit in several places. Mostly the legs, a fair few to the back, and whoever shot me on the butt 3 times I don’t know who you are, but I will find you, and I will kill you. I’m still walking like Vince McMahon a little bit.

Never-the-less, my full day introduction to paintball was wonderful. I learnt that war is fun, that McDs offer English muffins with jam for breakfast and that this is the only vegan option around at7.30 in the am and that sometimes, on occasion, I can be bad-ass.
Being a derp I just assumed there would be a canteen with chips on offer for a vegan lunch. Nope, vegetarian pizza for $10 or bring your own. My friends brought criskets, so I snacked on that. For those of who don’t know what a *crisket is it is air solidified into a thin rectangular shape. Literally. I highly recommend if you’re on a strict anorexic diet.

Obviously all this took place in the bush in the middle of nowhere and no reception. Once back in civilization you’d think the internet would work on my phone. It did not. I have had no internet for several days and unfortunately no way to write daily. To make up for it, I will make extra posts during the next week to make up quota. There will be adorable pictures.

To playing war and catch up,

Summer Tay.

*A crisket is a cracker. I assume we were meant to put things on top of it to give it flavour, but stuff it, plain crisket air ftw!

P.S. The bruises, oh gosh the bruises. I can barely move my legs. I was told going vegan there would be no bruises. It was a lie 😦

Day 105: Ethical Bodies / The Body Shop

It’s interesting how marketing works. I for one have always wondered at it’s marvels. It entertains, it informs, it moves you at your core, it changes your mood, makes your decisions by telling you whats cool and whats appropriate. It tells you who the company is and what it stands for. It often lies.

The Body Shop. Known for it’s ethical practice of not using animal testing. The brand has grown very strong piggy-backing off the belief that buying the body shop products is a step forward for animal rights. Did you know that they use lanolin in their products? The sheep possibly aren’t too happy with that. The brushes they sell are made of animal hair. so in other words, their pro animals stance is a bit of a lie. The glossy “we ❤ animals” brand got a little muddier when The Body Shop was bought out by animal testing, dead animal using company L’oreal (which they apparently don’t do anymore). Consumers seem to be wising up.

Thankfully, no woman ever actually uses this stuff – it’s just the stuff we buy each other when we have no idea what else to get. Guess it’s time to start getting a  bit more creative with the gift giving. Anyone for flowers? Maybe some chocolate? I hear Dusk has some nice candles? (I’m a feminist!).

If you’re definitely in the mood for some body products, Lush appear to have the upper hand. Their stock is animal cruelty free, it’s predominately vegan with some vegetarian options, the products have double features (clean the skin, cleans the face, wash the hair, remove dead skin cells, any combo of these and other things), and the vibe is generally nicer there. Their products smell nicer. Just sayin’.

Shame that when buying products we have to do lots of research before buying. First you have their ingredients – is it animal, how they source it, was it ethically produced, is it good for you to use? Then you have their corporate ethics – do they pay staff, do they hire locally, do they follow the law? So many questions to ask that by the time you ask them all you have to wonder is it even possible to live a completely ethical life? Can a consumer purchase every need and some wants without transgressing some form of ethical boundary? We live in a world where to own a mobile phone is to support slave labour and unsafe work practices in third world countries and for jobs to be shipped overseas. How do we navigate this maze of lies and propaganda? The best I can figure out is determine the best strategy for each issue. In some cases, boycotting is practical and effective – people can get their body products from somewhere else so avoiding this company for animal ethical ones would make a point to the industry at large. However no-one can avoid having a mobile phone. Which means sometimes you cannot say that someone supports a bad thing because they own a product that has done bad things. Each ethical dilemma has it’s own solution.

Anyhwo that is my rant for the day. Feel free to fill me in on what your solution would be to fix the ethical dilemmas of the world in the comments below.

To feeling lush,

Summer Tay

Day 104: Hiltl / The Greatest Restaurant On The Planet (Potentially)

Curiosity got the better of me today and I checked out what is the oldest vegan restaurant in the world? The answer I got was the oldest vegetarian one: Hiltl. This restaurant is not only veg friendly, but it has dishes from practically all across the globe, compliments of it’s perfect placement for world leader summits in Zurich. It was it’s popularity with dignitaries from a multitude of countries that has kept it afloat since 1898. This restaurant sounds like the greatest restaurant to ever exist. Even without going vegetarian this concept would be wonderous for other restaurants to take on. The amount of times you go out with a date bunch of friends and no-one can agree on what type of food should be partaken of. One doesn’t like mexican another doesn’t like carveries and one is allergic to fish (at which point I realise my chances at sushi are over).  With this restaurant, no-one has an excuse to say no. Would it be weird to travel to a country just to experience a restaurant with a globes worth of food genres? Is experiencing restaurants the same as going to countries for the wildlife, wild night life, and monuments, or is my excitement just a little weird? How much is a ticket to Zurich this time of year anyways?

Did a search for best veg restaurants on earth. 83 answers and Hiltl doesn’t even feature. Nothing in the entire of Australia either. Not only that, only a few countries feature: USA, England, South Korea and Germany (yet not Hiltl. Hmph). This was slightly disappointing. I still want to go to there.

Plan: find out where all of the vegan (not all vegetarian) restaurants are in Australia. Ensure to eat at every single one of them and write a review. Vegetarian restaurants where vegan ones are scarce/non-existent. Tastiest road trip ever. Whose with me? 😀

To Hiltl,

Summer Tay.

Day 103: Puppy Love

A friends neighbour gave him and his family puppy minding privileges for today and tomorrow. I do not own any pets. I immediately invited myself over. 

The Puppies, Sal and Sop, love me and only me. Sop follows me everywhere. Sal sits and whinges for her mummy at the window for a few minutes, then turns to look at me. I now have 2 dogs by my side. We’re inseparable. My friend is jealous as puck I love it. 

Naturally I use this opportunity to remind him why animals find me so irresistible: I’m vegan. I’m the only vegan in the house, and I’m the only one getting some puppy love. Ergo, people should become vegan, yes?

I’m going to non-dairy milk this for all it’s worth.

Summer Tay.