Day 80: Raw Dessert Indulgence

Today started with a  long sleep in as I nursed a cold that I suspect has cost me my job (it was a work day after all). It continued with a meal that accidentally consisted 50% of brown rice to 49% vegie and 1% vegan chicken schnitzel cut into medium sized pieces. I suspect brown rice in large amounts has  a weird affect on me. The last few times I had it my mouth and lips went slightly numb. I then went to view an apartment that included a pool, spa, sauna, gym and balcony view of the ocean & some city from my room for my original max price (before seeing how terrible most other places are for this price and crying tears of poordom into my pillow whilst raising the maximum price on my apartment searches). This will followed by sushi train for dinner (naturally) and then Mandala, for dessert.

Today was a good day.Just no-one tell that I’m slightly just a hint of unemployed okay?

They had 3 cake options: Pineapple & Lime, Chocolate, or Blueberry Coconut – all raw. My friend picked chocolate, and i went with the one I felt least likely to ever make myself at home: Pineapple and Lime. We each got a scoop of coconut ice cream – both vanilla, since we already had other chocolate things.


It was frickin’ amazing.

The cake for me was a surprise success. What I thought would be once off to try turned out to be a very pleasing cake. The chocolate, ate by the carnivorous close friend, was enjoyed even faster than mine. As described by her, the vegan choc cake tasted different to regular choc cake, but it was equal in tastyness and merriment. Such yum.


The hot chocolate was so strong I don’t think I could have swallowed it any stronger. They really make an amazingly full on taste for your mouthbuds. I’ll be coming back for this.

The cakes change every day, though the chocolate is virtually every day, being so popular and all. I’m glad I got the one I got, since the blueberry probably gets repeated more often, since it is the more popular fruit dessert-wise. Too bad a cake with ice cream costs about the same as a full meal at many places.

To super expensive vegan indulgences,

Summer Tay