Day 100: The choc mud recipe

Holy wow worst tasting cake I have had in all my life.  It tasted like the ingredients it was made from – oil and sugar. The fact that I made it myself makes it ten times worse. Should have known from the ingredients it would turn out crap, but all the comments were so happy with their product.

Basically, what I learned from this is, only make the fancy cakes with the fancy ingredients.

Lo and behold, my mum thought it was wonderful. She says, as a compliment, that it tastes like the choc mud cakes from Coles and Woolies. Thanks Mum! *shudders*

I feel almost bad for sharing the link to the recipe, but since others seem to like it maybe you – someone of more culinary skill than I – can have a crack at it.

Before frosting, after frosting and about to be eaten.

To grocery store cakes,

Summer Tay



Day 73: Handbags and Salads

Hello dear readers 🙂 I have had 2 things to blog about today, and the one being completely unrelated to the other in almost every way, Ive separated the topics to make it easier to navigate to the part you’d find interesting. To some up the parts: part 1, monacle handbag, part 2, Speedy Von Salad.

Part 1: Handbag shopping

About 3 weeks before going veganish I bought a gorgeous, designer, $800 leather handbag. Now before you go calling the nice doctors in the clean white coats, there was a sale. A big one. I’m not cray cray. 3 weeks later I decide to become vegan. Well, shoot.

Shopping for handbags, again! I hate shopping for handbags. They are impossible to find nice ones in the right colour with the right style and the right space and don’t break after a few months (I have a skill) and all the things! Looking for faux leather was my first hit. These would certainly be nice looking, and not so expensive as real leather.

The first website was all mens, the second was super expensive and ugly, as were the few rest. Until I found this.

ImageThere is no price too much to pay for such a bag, only prices so high that I cannot  afford to pay for them.

…As much as I wanted this and only this (for a while anyway) ended up buying  a new handbag and wallet from Kate Hill to a grand total of $35. Why the new wallet? Because sale, that’s why.

Part 2: Salad Recipe

For lack of a better name I dub thee Lazy-Ass salad, for I am a lazy butt, and you, you are a salad. Here is how I made my lazy-ass salad:

Grab a vegan chicken schnitzel ($7 for 4 from Coles enclosed fridge section). Cook that sexy crumbed beast on a small fry pan that just holds it. This will compact the vegetable oil (or whatever oil you use). Whilst that is cooking grab a bowl.

Grab the bowl, grab a handful of lettuce randomly from a big lettuce formation in your fridge, wash it, chuck it in the bowl.
Grab a thin slice of red capsicum and cut into teeny tiny pieces, a fresh as fudge sliced mushroom, a thin sliver of red onion cut into miniscule dust specks, and olives, halved. This should take 4-5 minutes.  This is the part where you get to go crazy with the spices.

Shift your attention to the chicken, now to me, now back to the chicken.  Add oregano to your uncooked side of the chicken. Flip that chick. Cover the cooked side with turmeric and add lemon pepper to the oil around it. Mush that chicken all around the fry and soak up some of that delicious lemon pepper.

Once sufficiently cooked remove chicken from fry pan and cut into 1cm x 1cm pieces (or whatever size you want) and add to salad. Mix that sh*t. If you like add a salad dressing. I’d recommend something creamy.

Eat that salad like you’ve never tasted salad so good.

This salad took me about 10 minutes tops to prep, cook and eat. This could easily be made to feed up to 8ppl without majorly affecting the amount of time it would take to make.  Unless you make your dressing from scratch. Which if you notice from the name of the salad in its true nature, and you’d have to rename your version. The sanctity of my salads name must be preserved and all.

Hope you enjoyed my partitioned blog piece.

Summer Tay

Day 64: Breaking the Ice

Summer: not only an awesome name but also a season of great warmth and thirst. As Summer got into full swing I decided I needed something to cool the house down.  A fan? But then I’d have to go to the store and find a nice one at a good price then get it home and set it up and risk  having it permanently borrowed – No. Air conditioning? Who could afford it? Icy pole pack? Yeah! Of course this option also has the permanently borrowed risk to it, but I have the solution: I find the cheapest, lowest quality and ugliest icy pole maker available on the internet and buy it and wait a month for its arrival. In the meantime, cold showers? ( I don’t know about you, but there is something about cold showers that feels a bit like wearing a fedora; forever alone).


I have tried it twice; Apple juice once and orange juice once. The apple juice I only made enough for 2 icy poles. When it came time to get them out I had to run hot water over them for about 60 seconds, risking my hands as I go but hoping it’s worth it. One icy pole decided it wanted to stay in the container, but the handle came out for me. The other one Dad tells me tasted great, so I’ll take his word for it. The OJ ones were very strong. Ice built up with it of course and everyone else loved that. I couldn’t get behind that as much for some reason. The juice didn’t take long to start dripping down the icy pole, down my hands, down my clothes, onto my floor… Once they were all gone all that was left was cleaning the container. OJ is annoying to clean off things at the best of times and this thing was certainly no exception.

I feel like I really wanted this to work, for nostalgia value as much as for the ability to stave off the heat. Instead I have a very cheap and basic looking icy pole maker that I wish I could replace for the nicer ones. There are so many pretty ones out there. Admitedly they cost around $30, whilst mine cost about $3, but still.

So here are some tips for you when you go out and buy some icy pole makers:

  1. Don’t get the cheapest one just because it’s cheap, because it really is cheap and won’t be as fun as the others.
  2. Don’t buy ones that down have a catchment area at the bottom if you can help it.  Or do buy it and buy some rubber gloves and/or some paper towels. Up to you.
  3. Do get ones that are pretty. You’ll probably want to use them more then, the novelty won’t wear off as quick and people will enjoy your hospitality more (unless you don’t like people, in which case the cheap ones are great).
  4. Do ensure the container is large enough to fit your hand in acceptably as you will most likely be using said hand to clean out sticky-clingy OJ later.
  5. Do more research than I did before purchasing anything. Whilst writing this blog I have come to realize their is no limit to the leaps and bounds of technology. I cannot believe zuko pops existed and I missed the memo. *consumer reviews are 50/50 on the quality of the product, but the zuko icy pole and ice cream art out there makes me want to buy it anyway. ooOOo and they have regular and mini sizes! Google image zuko pops art. My favourite pictures so far are the nutella ice creams and the pic of the machine next to a bunch of green beans. Who turns beans into an ice cream? Probably me, if I ever get one of these. So much want.

The ones I had as a child I found later after buying the cheapest ones. They look similar, but have a straw section and a catchment area and, if you’re not too worried about pretty/kitchy, then these may just be for you:

Luckily the days aren’t so hot right now and I have 2 large and 1 small fan to keep me cool, so the icy pole maker can stay in it’s box. Now to add Zuko to my list of things to buy for the kitchen (right under blender and food processor and above sushi maker).

To having a chillastic day,

Summer Tay.