Day 115: The Day I Officially Stop Doing This Daily

For the second time in a row I have been AWOL from my beloved blog and from you. The reason why is the last blog I wrote was long, and it was factual, it was funny, it was good, it was deleted and replaced with a draft for a different piece when I pressed publish. I was not amused, and I did not have the time to re-write. Several days later (aka now) I have officially decided that I don’t want to this every day anymore.

Well I do, but, I have found one personal issue with doing so – the blog feels rushed. Not enough time in the day to properly research a subject, make sure it’s funny and informative and proofread before posting. It is mainly for this reason but also those above that I am only going to post when I have something truly worthy of your gorgeous, intelligent eyes to read. I will also be doing posts of just pictures on occasion. This may lead to more than one post a day. It’ll be so worth it, if I may say so myself.

Brace yourself, awesome posts are coming.

Summer Tay.

In other news, I just found out there are recipes for making tofu taste like real bacon. Trying really hard not to get my hopes up but oh dear holy angels who art on heaven let it be true. (Damn I miss bacon. And cheese. Vegan Cheesy Bacon I will find a way and I will make you and you shall be delicious.)


Day 32: Successes and Failures – A Review

A recap of my last month. I sucked. The diet got broken with coke, coffee, meat, considerable soy increase and red bull. Dairy is the only surprise one in the list of unfaltered.

The coke tastes terrible now, the coffee also (a sudden influx of coffee for my machine ended with me making a litres worth then accidentally dropping the perculator on the floor and getting hot coffee and transparent glass all over my bare feet and the tiles). Meat was a surprise in that I haven’t missed it yet, and another that I ended up eating it before the months end – the alternative being insult mum and barely eat anything. The increase in soy is thanks to tempeh being the most amazing meat substitute on earth I’ve found yet and a new-found addiction to soya chocolate milk (it’s the bomb-diggity). Dairy stands as one of the few parts of the diet I haven’t failed at yet, and is the only one success that I am surprised I managed so well at. My worst failure, is red bull.

I call it the worst failure because I am currently on my 12th can in 4 days. Unlike all my other failures, my resolve isn’t strengthening. I don’t know if I’m going to stop. My entire body sans the liver begs me to continue ( the liver sending pangs of pain and disgust after every can). The fact this craving has gone so far as to make me feel I literally need it in order to function properly and make it through an entire day worries me. This may be what real addiction feels like. The feeling that you want to give it up, but don’t know if you can.

Out of the dairy product line, cheese has been missed. After attempting it on several meals I am convinced soya cheese was created as a form of culinery-based torture and has somehow ended up on our shelves. Ice cream was a favourite pass time with my friends and I. Now that I’m vegan/dieting it is not one of mine. There are no dairy free options at the ice cream stores, so I just sit there as they eat around me. The experience is bizarre.

Dairys counterpart, soya, has been taken off the limited eats list, because tempeh is the best thing ever and because only soya can make chocolate milk that actually taste like chocolate milk. What was I supposed to, give up chocolate milk? Never.

I had assumed vegan ice cream only existed in vegan restaurants (expensively and with a bad reputation on the taste). Turns out Sanitarium makes them in chocolate and boring (aka vanilla) flavours. Stocked at selected Coles and Woolies locations. Despite my usual preference for out there flavours (rocky road, mango passionfruit, hazlenut caramel) I’m going to call this a win. This is going to make my life a whole lot more enjoyable.

My Coles and Woolies better have been selected or I will scream. Inwardly, because I’m not a lunatic.

Now that meat has been removed from the diet it gets harder to remember why it was ever added. The meals taste better, they are healthier and cost less and the joy of cooking and eating has increased. No need to stress about changing cutting boards. Don’t even notice the meat when at the stores. The ony issue is explaining to people you don’t eat meat. “No not even bacon. No not even ham, I’m vegan now. No not even fish, fish isn’t vegan. No not even pork, pork is the same as bacon is the same as ham… Stop offering me chicken, I’m vegan, I don’t do that meat thing”. / “well, what about a steak on the barbie?”. / “what about a punch in the face?”/ “just askin’ ”.

If you’re vegan, or just on a diet of some sort, feel free to share what you found particularly hard or surprisingly easy or simply different to what you had expected with your diet. Or you could share where the best vegan ice cream is at.

Congratulations! If you are reading this you have made it to the end of possibly the longest post on this blog yet. Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

Forever yours,

Summer Tay.

P.S. You know dear readers, if anyone should happen to want to fill the void of specialised ice cream stores with vegan ice cream, I would gladly become one of your most avid customers and drag my friends along with me. Provided it tastes good, is priced affordably and is just down the road from me of course. You could call it “Vegantissimo” or “Vegano ice cream” and I shall call it “second home”.