Chocolate coated balls – a recipe

Tl/Dr: Make churroes in ball shape, make spanish hot chocolate as your drink and dipping sauce in one. Buy from op shops. 

I do not own a piping bag. To look at all the food makers of all genres this feels a bit like not having a TV, but in kitchen utencil form.  But this is ok, I have learnt to make do. For example today I decided it had been too long since the sweet yet savoury and oh so delicious taste of churros had delighted my taste buds, so I decided to give it a go.

The Ingredients 

  • 1 cup water
  • 5 tbs white sugar
  • ½ tsp pink salt
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • 1 cup flour
  • Oil
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 tbs ground cinnamon

The method

  1. Combine water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil in a medium pot. Stir mixture until the mixture becomes a paste.
  2. Preheat oven at 180 degrees. Place sufficient vegetable oil into a baking pan.
  3. Roll paste into small-medium sized balls. Or pipe them into a long churro shape. Place on baking pan and put into oven. Cook for approx. 10 minutes or until the mixture looks slightly brown. Drain on a paper towel.
  4. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl/lidded cup. Roll churros in mixture.
  5. Create a chocolate dipping sauce, dip the churros into the dipping sauce, then eat.

I poured the cinnasugar mixture into the chip n dip then rolled it in that. It worked. This recipe made about 13 churro balls, so probably 4 normal sized churros. Making really small balls then minimising cooking time to probably 5 minutes would make for a great party treat.

The sauce was discover whilst on a search for a good, thick, Spanish hot chocolate recipe. Coincidentally this drink can double as a churro dipping sauce. How could I pass uop the opportunity to make my sauce and drink at the same time?

The ingredients  

  • 5 tbs Cocoa
  • 4 tbs sugar
  • ½ tbs corn starch (or in my case corn flour) 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup organic oat milk.

The Method
1. Combine all ingredients in a deep pot and continually stir on a lowish-medium heat.  Continue this until the mixture is at your desired consistency.

2. Pour delicious hotness all over your churros / dip your churro balls into the mixture in a classy fashion and do not double dip. 

The churro recipe was sourced from all recipes whilst the Spanish hot chocolate X churro dipping sauce came from may I have that recipe. The dipping sauce is supposed to have corn starch, however I used corn flour. The grocery stores didn’t have the starch, I had to improvise. It did not come out drinkable.

The chip n dip is also my latest kitchen addition. Less than half the original price at the local second hand store, still unopened in its box. It’s on its first week and already been used twice. This thing looks impressive on the table. I thoroughly recommend op shopping.

Hope you like the recipe and churroes in their new shape. No offence to regular churroes.

With love,

Summer Tay.


People power and chocolate loans

Everywhere I look all I see are good places to start an organic vegan restaurant/cafe/drinks/ice cream bar. One is even right next to an organic grocery store in a high end food market (aka building filled with only restaurants, cafes, ice cream and a grocery store – all slightly expensive). I’d do it if I had the know-how. Instead I found a similar minded person and helped fund them instead.

Choquiero is an impressive vegan chocolate store that has popped up recently in Cali, USA. By store I mean a zealous vegan chocolatier named Ariel who has successfully sold chocolates for the past few months and has the intent to make it brick n mortar (shopfront) style. He needs a kiva-loan. Currently at 30% funded he has 5 days to go before his loan expires. Looking at the pics of his chocolates, and knowing first hand kiva lenders pay you back, I’m down with giving him some moolah. Check him out:, and if you get some of his chocolates eat one for me. I’ll try to get over there sometime myself but in the meantime let me live vicariously through you, oh taster of chocolates. 

For those who don’t know kiva is a web based loans system allowing everyday persons to lend money to each other interest free, removing the need for a banking institutions involvement. This process has been highly successful as people from all over the world can be lender and/or lendee to anyone else anywhere in the world. To me, knowing the name and face and business my money is being lent to, knowing that they know my name and face, and personally loaning a person money (with the assistance of the internet) feels good. A bank impersonally lending my money along with countless others (or creating money out of thin air) to any cause it determines profitable for itself with heavy interest charges and unpleasant tactics for money retrieval is on the way out thanks to websites like Kiva. I like that.   

I wonder if Ariel could and would mail his chocolates to Australia.  

To empowering the people and to chocolate,

Summer Tay.

Day 100: The choc mud recipe

Holy wow worst tasting cake I have had in all my life.  It tasted like the ingredients it was made from – oil and sugar. The fact that I made it myself makes it ten times worse. Should have known from the ingredients it would turn out crap, but all the comments were so happy with their product.

Basically, what I learned from this is, only make the fancy cakes with the fancy ingredients.

Lo and behold, my mum thought it was wonderful. She says, as a compliment, that it tastes like the choc mud cakes from Coles and Woolies. Thanks Mum! *shudders*

I feel almost bad for sharing the link to the recipe, but since others seem to like it maybe you – someone of more culinary skill than I – can have a crack at it.

Before frosting, after frosting and about to be eaten.

To grocery store cakes,

Summer Tay


Day 96: Motherly Love

Huzzah my mum just told me she tried my vegan choc balls (from day 92) – and she LOVED them. I did not even prod her or ask her to, I just left it on the free-for-all shelf of the fridge and she tried it. So I tried it again. It tasted like ferrero rocher + ice cream. It was amazing. I have to share this with the world. Somehow. I wonder if I can make it shaped like a bunny and give it as easter presents. This should happen. The world deserves to know this taste.

I’m going back for more.

To great surprises,

Summer Tay 😀

Day 93: The Scooper Dooper

Yesterday was spent tearing up timezone with my mad gaming skills:

Exp +2: Shooting
Exp +1: Team shooting
Exp +5: Ability to pull my timezone card out of my pocket/bra strap and re-swip to continue playing.
Exp -1: Ability to get the damn prize in the damn claw machine.

With this experience boost came enough tickets to purchase an item that as soon as I saw it knew i was going to have: A red ice cream scoop in the shape of strawberry ice cream on a delicious wafer cone.

It managed to get ice cream out of the tub much the same way a spoon would, with perhaps a slightly better cricular shape, and the ability to press a little lever and have the ice cream shoot out of the scoop at an alarmingly fast rate, completely missing the bowl and hitting you.

As someone who has never used an ice cream scoop before I can give this scoop a strong 4/5: It does the job, it looks cute as, and it can even be hung uop next to your other kitchen utencils, a skill I usually only see on serious kitchen utencils of reasonable quality. Ice cream just got a lot more fun. It’s only negatives are that it possibly doesn’t scoop as good as it’s metal counterparts (yet to be proven), and it’s name in the western world has another meaning. This China-made product was named the scooper dooper. In Australia, a scooper dooper is a device used for picking up poop from sandboxes and the like, often after little children or the beloved dog has had their playtime. Yep, that’s what I’ll be thinking of when I scoop out my choc ice cream.

The back of the ice cream scoop not only told me it’s official name in China, it also told of the online store to buy it from. It’s a wholesaler. I have no idea where to buy these normally as a regular consumer. This makes me want to get another one before they disappear from Timezone.

Best 150 tickets ever spent.

To fancy ice cream shenanigans!

Summer Tay.

Day 92: Chocolate Nutty Balls (a recipe)

Summers cookery lessons #1: do not try to mix nuts in a blender. It will make like a cheap $39 blender from Target and leak at the bottom.  On the plus side, I think the mixture is salvageable.

Plan A: turn them into balls. Why did this fail? Because I added about 200mls of water trying to make it work in the blender, when the recipe only called for a couple of teaspoons. It looked mushy and I decided I didn’t want to touch it with my bare hands.

Plan B: turn it into a cake base. Why did this fail? Because I have no cake recipe to make to go on top, and it really didn’t make that much. Perhaps next time though, with this recipe.

Plan C: go cold rock on it’s butt and mix it into my chocolate ice cream. Why did this fail? Because all it tastes like is pitted dates. It’s a very strong and overpowering flavour. Why no pictures? Because I dropped my phone yesterday. Onto some rocks. It’s gone to a better place now *a single tear slides down a saddened cheek*.

Never the less, I would try this recipe again, for the fact that is was cheap as I have all the ingredients in my house already anyway. But only as a cake base. Simply cannot see this being enjoyed by anyone I enjoy being around(at this current point in time…Im sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy this who are completely normal and wonderful people… well maybe not normal, but certainly potentially wonderful… no offense to the creator of the recipe is basically what I’m saying here… shutting up).

The recipe.

The best news is I think I fixed the blender. Just had to tighten the bottom. I also learned that It screws off for easier cleaning. This all probably would have gone a lot better had I simply read the instructions as opposed to scoffing at then losing them. I would test it now, but aside form the nut dilemma I also used my Maggi for a milkshake earlier today and don’t want to overdo her.

For those wondering, she makes a good milkshake, but she has nothing on the bullet blender. The bullet makes thickshakes. I adore thickshakes.

To (hopefully) not having to return 2 blenders in about as many weeks,

Summer Tay.

Day 83: The Temptation And Fall Of Man (Or In This Case Woman)

Zarraffas is the tastiest coffee on the entire planet the whole planet, that I have tasted to so far in my small corner of the globe. This fact is why I go there more often than I go to sushi train (a lot). But today the coffee was not the same. Today it tasted bland, almost tasteless. It tasted meh. I was about 3/4 of the way through before I realised I hadn’t specified my soy preference. Well, shoot. I’ve gotten so used to my soy coffees that I forgot that’s not how they normally make it. Now I am only 1 strike away from losing my vegan powers 😦

On the flipside, AmAzInG vegan burger at none other than a fish n chip store of all places. On their menu I also noticed the deep friend regular sized mars bar at a completely normal and realistic cost of $3.50. At that moment I realised I never did get around to trying that before going vegan. In that moment I wanted one oh, so badly. Resistance to non vegan things: lowering. Desire to try new things: rising.

Ok so I am going to figure out how to make vegan chocolate, I’m going to figure out how to make a vegan mars bar (or snickers) and then I am going to buy a deep fryer and then I am going to make the chocolate bar and deep fry it and eat it. This is going to happen. Dammit. If it works out, deep fried ferrero rocher here I come. I also hear they do this with ice cream in some places. I wonder how choc soy would go?

Good thing I had the good sense to refrain from the mars bar before derping my coffee order, or my guitar skills might have become even more tragic.

In other news, figured out who I want to go as to Supanova (Aussie version of comic con): Todd Ingram.

F yeah.

Summer Tay.

P.S. Yes I know I am a girl.

P.S.S. Yes I know he is a guy.

P.S.S.S. Yes I know that technically counts as cross dressing. It’s cosplay. Let it go.

P.S.S.S.S. This deep fryer is going to be great for my health! 😀

Day 82: Pumpkin Balls

Spicy food is disgusting. Pumpkin is disgusting.Mix them together and what do you get? My latest dumbass purchase: spicy pumpkin balls. I treated them like potato balls and tried them straight. Turns out they taste just like falafel and should only be eaten with other things. Kinda wish the packaging warned of this, but oh well. Why do I keep feeling compelled to try all the things I  dislike in vegan style?

In other news, finding a chocolate ball recipe that doesn’t involve a blender is difficult. I am making it my mission to create several choc ball recipes that do not require anything other than ingredients and your hands. Eventually. For now it’s go with the one recipe found that fits my equipment capabilities and if it goes well, blog it, and if it goes badly, blog it, then punch my pillow. Finding this recipe took ages.

In a mood to cook/bake foods, but its late, and I’m not at home. Such a waste of a mood. Cannot wait to cook yummy things!

Summer Tay.

Day 78: Hipster Hangouts, Vegan Nachos and Chocolate Minty Balls

 The Scooby Gang (my friends and I) decided to go back to the hipster hangout this Saturday. Instead of heading straight to the vegan themed stall, I checked out what else was about. Found a nacho stall that advertised vegan friendly nachos. For the same price as a salad. It had avocado. It was sold.


It tasted fantastic. It tasted good. It filled me about half way through. I kept eating anyway, half because it tasted so good and half because it didn’t come with a lid. Eventually a friend had to finish it for me. Guess I’m more Daphne than Shaggy, despite my love of big, adorable dogs and food.

of course, there is always room for chocolate.


As per usual it was half eaten before I remembered to take a picture. It tasted even better than the nachos. It was so good I almost didn’t share the crumbs that fell into the ripped-with-haste paper bag. But I did. And they loved it. We will be buying at least one each next time we go. If they have them. If they don’t then I think I will cry. They had many flavours, the only one I remember being caramel. They didn’t have any of them last week. Want. So much. Right now. Why did I only buy one?

I think I will try to make these for next family get together. If anything should be too good looking to resist trying and to good tasting to not try twice. This will make them see how much I am not missing out on a thing being vegan – vegan foods rock the peoples socks.

To dreaming of chocolate balls,

Summer Tay 😉

Day 68: An Avoidable Annoyance (+ product review)

Guess who isn’t the proud owner of a blender! It broke! Just like in the consumer reviews the bottom of the glass jug leaked out all over the place. You could see that the blades were having difficulty blending the banana and ice, you could feel the equipment heat up as you hear the motor whinge loudly at being used. It was run 3 times. The smoothie tasted yucky. It was not bliss.

Image                                                               Chunks of ice and banana chilling in a chocolate spa.

I will have to find the receipt and the box and return it. Naturally it has taken only 2 days to misplace these items. At least I only wasted $39. And my time. I don’t care how long I have to save up, next time it’s the vitamix, and I staple the receipt and box to the wall.

Unfortunately this means being vegan is still a bit difficult. There are plenty of meals where a working blender is required. Trying to find one that does not require expensive kitchen appliances is not that easy. How is someone supposed to be poor and healthy at the same time? Unless you enjoy living on just salad. Wonder how that raw diet works, maybe that could work on my little wallet. *looking it up* Nope. Still requires unusual, expensive utensils to pull off. So frustrating! No wonder people get frustrated and ditch this diet.

Damn this, I’m going back to potatoes and salads till I’ve got my vitamix blender. So annoyed.

To learning from mistakes,

Summer Tay.