Day 151: 3.14 For Brunch (Because I’m Aussie)

So it’s been a while. I promised I would be back the moment I had something intelligent to say, and unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be happening, so here I am, babbling. I’m still going to write a post though, so if you’re down for some mind numbingly unintelligent chatter to get you through another work day then here goes:

Do you remember the first time you bought a blender, or that first kitchen appliance you bought and people said “pah, you’ll use it once or twice, then it’ll sit there collecting dust”? But you knew better. Such excitement and dedication as yours never dwindles or dies. Cut to present day and dang if they were not at least half right.

I have not used the blender in weeks, not counting yesterday’s milkshake. The blender I confess, it makes a lot of mess. Especially when I make my beloved avo pesto. There is a lot of sticky stuck avo pesto on the blender base and blades every time. The amount of wastage brings tears to the eyes, figuratively speaking. I honestly thought people who complained about cleaning the appliances where just lazy, non-enthusiastic people who like to whinge about doing anything. To all of those people, I still think that way, however I acknowledge that I am also right there with you. Anything that takes more than 2 seconds to clean well is indeed slightly annoying.

I have yet to unpack the juicer since the move 3 months ago. This is because at first it took a while to find my official juicer cleaner, the cleaner thingy dedicated purely to cleaning my juicer immediately after each use and nothing else. Once that was found, I had to find the juicer. Once that was found, I had to go out. When I came home, poof! juicer had disappeared again. Apparently the spot I had put it in was a mess, it was in the way and it had to be moved to a non-memorised location. Ah, the joys of housemates. Probably easily findable, but I’m not sure where my official juicer cleaner has gotten to now. Not sure I want to know…

I love vegan pies. The only vegan pie to my knowledge is this:


Buying them from Coles costs about the same as a regular pie from a moderately priced bakery, but you get to cook it yourself. Knowing my cooking prowess, many are probably chuckling “burn it yourself you mean”. But no, I have cooked 2 of them thus far and can honestly say that burning them seems almost as impossible as a Tom Cruise movie being good. Massive props to the company for this please pass your pie making knowledge to the rest of the world.
The inside is mushroom and weird gravy stuffs. Now with 10% more mushy gravy stuffs! Considering how much they have now, they really didn’t make much of a 3.14 before. Huzzah for perfectly timed new product trying!

My best friend, who I visit often, is now eating the exact same cereal I was eating. Key word: was. The whole point of a best friend is to have different foods when you get sick of your own kitchen without the hassle of busy restaurants and expensive menus. Does he not know his purpose in (my) life? He is ruining my brunch!

Now back to the juice. The saddest part in all this is that packaged juice now tastes like coke did after not drinking it for ages. It tasted like why the hell would anyone drink this? I had spoiled myself with my fresh juices of yester-days. So be warned, once you try fresh juice, it will be very difficult to go back. And I’m not just talking the cheap, on the warm shelf juice either, I’m talking the supposed 100% fresh juice on the cold shelf with the pulp still in it and the $5+/2L price tag.. So if the fancy branded fresh grocery store juice is supposed to be good for you, why does it taste so bleh in comparison? Hmmmm…

Well I hope you enjoyed my random rant for today. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with something more substantial to say but for now, hooray! Rejoice for I am back (again and hopefully for good).

Summer Tay.


Day 99: Thor is a Vegan / Diet Of A God

Yeah you read right, the Mighty Thor, Nordic God of Thunder, Heir to the throne of Asgard and protector of the 9 realms, keeps himself fit and ready for battle with a vegan diet that includes veg baguette.

Vegans: 1 Carnivores: 0.

Summer Tay.

Day 89: Zombie Apocalypse Survival – Options And Strategies

The Zombie Apocalypse is here! You’re freaking out! They seem to be everywhere, but they walk super slow. You judge you have 5 minutes left in this place in which you are in (maybe your own home, maybe a friends, maybe – god forbid – you’re shitty work place, heck maybe you’re in the supermarket getting groceries, decided to check your wordpress and got this special bulletin and when you looked back up, dammit if it wasn’t true, zombies be everywhere. After 5 minutes however, they will start coming through the entry ways. Within 7 minutes they’ll be in every space of the place.

Naturally you have thought about this before and have already figured out a trusty weapon or two to use when required. You now have the task of grabbing supplies and determining where, if anywhere, you’re going to go from here. Which food, drinks and medicine did you grab? Why those ones? And where to now?

Somewhere with maximum survival opportunity. Where do you go? Remember you’re two key factors here are 1) safety, and b) food (and medicine) supply.

In 3 months time, you are still alive, still doing what you gotta to survive. Where are you, and what does your food supply look like? The Walking Dead prison + garden scenario, The Governors gated commune – with armed people going out to scavenge as required, An army stronghold or a government base, your bomb shelter, go to the Winchester and have a pint whilst waiting for it to all blow over, or boarded up in your own home occasionally risking your life to grab more supplies?

Would a vegan diet be more or less feasible in a zombie apocalypse? Would your diet change and move toward or further away from being plant based? Here are the pros and cons as I see them:
Meat eating
Pro: They’ re technically everywhere. There are cows just down the road from me. Not very well fed cows, but they exist, and if I were so inclined… in Australia we also have snakes, crocodiles, many different fish life (if you choose to stick near the water), we even have many dogs, cats and birds.

Con: They get sick easy. Eating them increases your chances of many diseases and health conditions which have suddenly become a lot harder to help fix, like heart attacks.

Pro: it has protein.

Con: if you have to hunt it, you are actually taking your mind off- not on – what is around you. By hunting another animal you leave yourself vulnerable to attack. Don’t believe me? Then think back a few years to that time a certain vice president shot his lawyer in the face whilst hunting. The reason (he says) this happened is because you’re in the moment, you don’t notice much around you as you focus on the kill. Unless that was a lie and he really just wanted to shoot the guy in the face. He was a lawyer after all. Either way, see how this hunting business could be a bit dangerous?

Con: meat requires cooking to be eaten. That means lighting a fire/using some form of cookeryness that is bound to attract zombies.

Megacon: If a flesh eating zombie curse did break out among the earths populous it seems likely that it happened via food. The most likely food source to cause such an epidemic is meat. Or am I biased here?

Vegan diet
Pro: you can store a lot more vegetables when you run than you can meat products – it doesn’t weigh as much. Then once you get there, you can use what you have to cultivate more. Even one bulb would do. It is very difficult to get animals to procreate, and you forget running with Betsy the cow in your hands.

Con: variety of fruit and vegetables would be hard to come by. Eating a salad is boring enough sometimes, imagine being stuck at an onion farm? It’d be enough to make you cry.

Pro: growing fruit and vegetables can be done indoors and quietly, which means it is much safer for those who have settled into a place.

Con: some fruits and vegetables are poisonous. Can you tell which ones which? Because I can’t. Mushrooms might just go off my menu. Sadness.

Pro: They’d make the place smell much nicer. Add a bit of colour.

Pro: can be eaten raw. If you’re in a less than peachy place and cannot cook, this is perfect for getting you through.

EpicPro: fruit and vegetables would not require to eat your food in order to survive too.

Epicpro: fruit and vegetables have more nutrients in them than meat, meaning your body will be harder, better, faster, stronger.

After much consideration over the course of a few hours looking into different zombie movies and TV and how they survived I have decided to remain vegan during the apocalypse.

What do you think? Something I’ve missed? What would you do and what would you eat when the dust is settled and you’re still alive and realised you’re in it for the long haul?
Also, in the event of an Apocalypse, I think I’d put extra care to grab medicine that others find particularly important for their survival, such as asthma medicine and the like. Make it much easier to find a friendly face to barter with or keep new companions alive. At least until people figure out how to use their diet for that.

To making like the Bee Gees,

Summer Tay

Day 86: Home Economics (High School Edition)

Ever thought high school left you in want? Math – when have you ever used algebra in real life? Science – understanding why adding mentos to coke makes it blow up. Did they think we were going to sue this as a skill in real life? Is there something they know that I do not? Until the zombie apocalypse happens I don’t see how this knowledge is important in our everyday lives. 

Home economics. The structure of the class (as I remember it from my humble public high school days) was you choose your recipe the week before. You then purchase the ingredients (parents a grumbling about the cost along the way), lug them next to your vulnerable text books and writing pads in you already over stuffed back pack and bring them to school. You store it in the schools fridge until class (hopefully there is room for all you kit) and when it is time, go back and get it all out again in a cluster of 30 other people scrambling to grab theirs too. You cook you food, you clean your dishes,and then the teacher comes around and tastes everyones food and grades them on how much they enjoy it. Then you store it again until home time, run back to the fridge at 3.15 when you remember it’s there, beg the bus driver at 3.20 to let you on with food (again. This happens every xday, why cant he just let you on???). Awkwardly stink up the bus with your foods for 30 minutes then walk it all the way up the steep hill to your home. Good times. 

What I feel is missing. Nutrition. Understanding personal nutrition and meal needs and ability to out knowledge into practice (from grocery shopping to cooking methods). Knowledge of food industry practices from dairy to junk food ‘restaurants’ to agriculture. How to find out the actual nutrient value of non labelled food (fruit and vegetable. Just because the standard nutrient of apples is x, doesn’t mean that the apple you picked up from the grocery store or even from you friendly neighbourhood food market has x nutrient it. Also explain to them why.). Standardized testing.

The Theory. 
The students learn their bodies personal factors from bone density, metabolism, allergies and personal taste preferences.Then they make a meal plan based of their knowledge of food and beverage and their own personal bodies. they will also need to express nutritional figures and explain their choices using rationale. Then the teacher, who will also be a nutritionist (we’re swamped with underemployed nutritionists here so that shouldn’t be hard) will grade them on how well they completed one, and give advice on what they ought be doing. 

Learning to understand your own body and its limitations is important at that age.  I personally doubt anyone gets harassed more openly or are more unabashedly, insensitively scrutinized by their elders, peers and everyone else about their meal habits and appearance as when they are in  high school. The damage from inappropriate dieting can be devastating. 

Cooking skills. Each cooking class should have a standard recipe. Simple to make ,very few ingredients and cheap to buy ingredients for because lets face it, these kids will either go to uni or enter lowest level employment at a fraction of minimum wage because they’re under 21 (and those guys only get a percentage of minimum wage) and they’re not going to be affording much for a while. Then grade them on how well they followed the method of cooking. Grade them extra marks for things that show ingenuity and creativity. But most importantly have a standard grading system for each one that makes the grading fair and is comparative to others. 

Multiple Choice + Essay.
For this test I would have them watch a documentary the week prior to the test.
A multiple choice including everything they have learnt. 
1. A person is sick with x disease, what meal do you make them, whats in it and why that meal?
2. Make a hypothesis based on movie x, explain the documentary and why you feel it supports this theory. 

Students should also be taught about the food industries. What are the practices of the agriculture side? The dairy side? The meat side? The Corporate side of things. Should we care if Nestle ties to force their formula on 3rd world countries, or that palm oil fiasco? Should we care that the *junk food companies created a union for its industry to fight any government regulation they dislike (even at the expense of the people)? What about the addition of GMOs? Should our schools be teaching our children to look out for these things when determining what brands to buy? This is the sort of knowledge I feel would be great for a M.C. test. Each term a different doco is selected for testing. The manuscript for the movie is available online. Print off for students who learn better reading.

How does this relate to being vegan? How many children do you think will be vegan – or at least vegan-curious – if they watched Food Inc, Earthlings or even read about the meat industry killing practices? How many people will cut down on meat when they realise how it is affecting their health or even weight? Even those sporty sports who want to be best of the best will feel their ears prick up when they learn how much better they would be on the field without meat. The “I only get A+’s” crowd will get to feel more superior as their brains become stronger and smarter and increased concentration and memory on a vegan diet. Everyone gets moderate their own body effectively and become impervious to looks based teasing. It’d be very liberating. 

As a non-mother, non-education related worker with no official background in nutrition, what are you thoughts on my suggestions? Like them, dislike them, see issues or holes in the theory, or have your own you’d like to throw in the mix? 

1st day of high school was like magic: Pick a crowd, any crowd…

Summer Tay.

*What? You thought corporations were anti union? Nooo not at all! They’re against you having a union. 

Day 79: Oh, Cosmo! (a tale of google searching, weight issues and my future marriage)

You know what really grinds my gears?  Typing a question into google and getting the answer to the exact opposite question. If I wanted to lose weight I would have asked how to lose weight.

Initially going to write about how to gain weight, or for those losing it how not to do so too fast. Yes some people have problems such as these, and yes they are dangerous. Though that is not what this blog piece is going to be about. In my search for valid research articles I fell upon none other than Cosmopolitans online magazine article: How to Keep Off Post-Wedding Pudge – (Byline) Many women gain major pounds in their first year as a wife. That added flab can put a strain on your sexuality… and your relationship.
The whole article was a joke, and not in a look at me I’m telling a funny kind of way. This was a I am serious you should jump off a bridge (feel 10 pounds lighter!) kind of way. I had to write about this.

According to a Cosmopolitan article, uploaded from their magazine no doubt, women gain their most weight right after getting married. They do this because either they went pre-wedding weight loss boot camp to fit into a smaller dress for their future husby, and have now gone back to regular meals, or they start acting like a married woman. That is, eating the same meals and desserts and snacks as her husband. Eating the same portions as her husband. Cosmo warns its women readers if you gain weight after you get married, men will think you don’t care about them anymore, so you must keep your weight down or your husband will believe you don’t love him anymore.

The hell Cosmo.

To lose and keep the weight off, Cosmo suggests:

Ordering first at restaurants. I assume this does not mean order my meal first, have mine, then let him order his. So I guess they are suggesting that when men order, they order something fattening, and then the woman decides to splurge too. Not like husby is worried about his weight post marriage. We women are too heavily influenced by our mans eating habits. I’d love to see the statistics on this, then see about who conducted the study? Who funded it? What was their sample size? Which countries did they cover? Women who order first are more likely to order something less fattening, because their man will order something fattening and influence them. I have never, in my life, decided what I’m ordering after any of my male friends or any boyfriend has ordered. I look at that menu, I decide what appeals to me most, I announce that I know what I want and ask if everyone else is ready to order. Who waits till others have ordered to decide what they’re ordering, who I ask you? I’ve never seen this happen before in my life. Do you do this? Does anyone do this?

Now for either making your portions smaller, or have different foods. Now I don’t know about you, but unless my future husby is willing to cook two completely different meals to cater to my personal tastes on his turns to cook (which will be every second day), that ‘aint happening. As for smaller sizes, why should I? Why would I minimise my portions? I’ll put on my plate the portion of my desire. If there is any left when I am done, I will put it in the freezer for later. If I am still hungry, I will grab some more and chow down until I feel done.  My portion size is none of anyone elses business.

Want to know how to really lose some weight after getting married? Don’t care what he or anyone else thinks about your choice of diet and portion size, immediately feel a weight remove itself from your mind and shoulders. It’ll feel amazing. You won’t know how happy you could be until you lose those particular extra pounds holding you down. Or you could divorce him, that’s probably at least 70kgs shaved off right there.

Well I guess cosmo gave me my answer though. I have to get married. Get some weight on these bones. Any takers?

To Male Order Husbands,

Summer Tay.

P.S. I hate you cosmopolitan magazine. I hate you with the power of a thousand suns.

P.S.S. Holy crap! Looking at male order husbys and the hate on women who would do so and all other women too whilst their at it is phenominal. Men, get your sh*t together.
If you really want a women, maybe you should become someone who deserves one. Check what these girls are saying they’re missing from guys like you (read: respect, love, compassion, to name a few), then see if maybe you need to work on yourself instead of leaving nasty comments about the place. Or order yourself a mail order wife. She will need to stay with you a few years to become entitled to stay in your country and half your moolah, so you know she’ll be stuck with your ass stick around a few years.
Just sayin’.

Day 76: Die You Car Hitting Piece Of (A Blog Piece About Vegan Aged Care Options And My Car)

Cooking (real animal) chicken at 6-8am in the morning is one of the most grossest things I have ever had to do in my life. The smell. It gets into your clothes. It gets on your hands. It gets in your nose. Why am i cooking real, animal chicken at 6am in the frickin morning? Because I get paid a tiny minimum wage to that’s why, and I need to get a massive dint out of the back of my car (and afford groceries and rent and things).

Every meal that is made is made this meat and/or dairy and often egg. I feel bad for the people I’m cooking for. Looking at the menu I cook, and remembering the menu my Nana had when she was in aged care, I have noticed that they both have essentially the same menu, right down to the rice pudding. If you’re ever wondering of a home is a good place for your mum/grammy/dad/grampy, don’t bother stressing the food that much because they’ll all be the same. Maybe do a check to see how many staff they have on the floor though, and how easy they are to find, because that is where the money seems to make the difference.

Wonder if any homes are vegan… it appears not 😦 Though vegetarian is on the rise. So much so the government have factored this trend into their aged care menu assessment. It’s a start. Hopefully when I’m 80something all this vegan stuff will leave me looking 30ish like it does other long term vegans and I won’t need a home. But if I do, I hope they have viable vegan options by then. There are none right now. Anywhere in Australia anyways.

To anyone looking for a bounty to cash in, find the douchebag who crashed into my car. The reward: My love. Because I’m broke. And because I’m awesome, you know you want my love 😛

To the few good police who actually tried to help, I thank you.

Summer Tay.

P.S. The story behind the car? Someone – and I suspect they were as high as a kite, that got stuck to a space ship and got sent into space – hit the car next to me and left a dint the size of my pinky finger and hit mine with a dint the size of the grand canyon. The cars were parked. There were cctv cameras in the area. The bit that tickles me is my mum was in the car, and she was very tempted to stay in it, what with the air con and the InSaNeLy hot weather outside and all. But she decided last second she was hopping out and joining me for a blender check at Good Guys. We were 10 minutes, give or take 5. And in that 5-15 minutes, some… “person”, left that dint on my car.  Cost to fix: $610. My excess: $500. I don’t even have $500 spare. Not for this.

But none of this is the best bit. Wanna know the best? Ok, I’ll tell you the best bit. According to the police, this is not a crime. They are not willing to inspect the video footage which would have been available at the time I called it in (immediately). The footage would have by now been dleted accoridng to the shopping centre management.  Infact this is so legal, the police won’t even look at the cctv footage of the scene or investigate. Not unless the insurance company asks them to. Guess if I wanted some police love I should have been born a corporation.
Alos should mention, the cctv footage is deleted after 3 days. Only police (not mere civilians such as myself) can request it’s continued existence, and they did not. It’s gone now.

F’ the po-lice. But not literally. Because they suck.

Day 74: Beyonce Did What!?! (oh my gosh who the hell cares?)

People who give a damn what celebrities are doing, get over it. I don’t care that Beyonce ate her vegan foods wearing fur. People rarely change overnight, and it takes a lot to make someone even try to change certain things about themselves. What they choose to eat is one, and how they chose to express themselves in dress is another.

As far as fur coats go, though always seemed gross for me personally, and all the effort to take care of them. For others though I have heard they take on a meaning of prosperity. Many people who were once poor, upon finding they have pulled themselves up from their poor bootstraps and finally have money to burn in their life, burn it on a fur coat immediately. They also sound very warm.

This symbol of “I;m here, I made it, I earnt this” can be a strong one. If it were this, the bets combat – other than screaming “fur is murder!!” and covering the person in animal blood – would be to hear them out on their reason why they chose fur, respect the reasoning for what it is, then make positive, friendly suggestions.

To give an example I read from a book once (no idea which one, but if you recognize the story please give the original person credit and mention it in the comments:)
A piano teacher had a very gifted student. She vastly surpassed all the others, and she clearly loved to play.  However, she also loved her ever-long, ever-growing fingernails. The teacher always told her to cut them back. One day she decided to try something different: told her how beautifully she had played. Then she told her she would have played even better had her gorgeous nails not gotten in the way of some notes. She noted the girl clearly took great pride in them and went to great effort and it was a shame that ultimately, she was forced by nature to be choosing between one and the other, but ultimately it was her choice.
Basically the teacher acknowledged the sacrifice the girl would be making, and left it a choice for her to make.
The next day, the nails were cut short.

If someone takes that first step, don’t hate on them for not being your perfect, ideal symbol of vegan – or any other thing. Give people encouragement, and time.

Gosh fur coats look hideous.

Summer Tay.

Day 73: Handbags and Salads

Hello dear readers 🙂 I have had 2 things to blog about today, and the one being completely unrelated to the other in almost every way, Ive separated the topics to make it easier to navigate to the part you’d find interesting. To some up the parts: part 1, monacle handbag, part 2, Speedy Von Salad.

Part 1: Handbag shopping

About 3 weeks before going veganish I bought a gorgeous, designer, $800 leather handbag. Now before you go calling the nice doctors in the clean white coats, there was a sale. A big one. I’m not cray cray. 3 weeks later I decide to become vegan. Well, shoot.

Shopping for handbags, again! I hate shopping for handbags. They are impossible to find nice ones in the right colour with the right style and the right space and don’t break after a few months (I have a skill) and all the things! Looking for faux leather was my first hit. These would certainly be nice looking, and not so expensive as real leather.

The first website was all mens, the second was super expensive and ugly, as were the few rest. Until I found this.

ImageThere is no price too much to pay for such a bag, only prices so high that I cannot  afford to pay for them.

…As much as I wanted this and only this (for a while anyway) ended up buying  a new handbag and wallet from Kate Hill to a grand total of $35. Why the new wallet? Because sale, that’s why.

Part 2: Salad Recipe

For lack of a better name I dub thee Lazy-Ass salad, for I am a lazy butt, and you, you are a salad. Here is how I made my lazy-ass salad:

Grab a vegan chicken schnitzel ($7 for 4 from Coles enclosed fridge section). Cook that sexy crumbed beast on a small fry pan that just holds it. This will compact the vegetable oil (or whatever oil you use). Whilst that is cooking grab a bowl.

Grab the bowl, grab a handful of lettuce randomly from a big lettuce formation in your fridge, wash it, chuck it in the bowl.
Grab a thin slice of red capsicum and cut into teeny tiny pieces, a fresh as fudge sliced mushroom, a thin sliver of red onion cut into miniscule dust specks, and olives, halved. This should take 4-5 minutes.  This is the part where you get to go crazy with the spices.

Shift your attention to the chicken, now to me, now back to the chicken.  Add oregano to your uncooked side of the chicken. Flip that chick. Cover the cooked side with turmeric and add lemon pepper to the oil around it. Mush that chicken all around the fry and soak up some of that delicious lemon pepper.

Once sufficiently cooked remove chicken from fry pan and cut into 1cm x 1cm pieces (or whatever size you want) and add to salad. Mix that sh*t. If you like add a salad dressing. I’d recommend something creamy.

Eat that salad like you’ve never tasted salad so good.

This salad took me about 10 minutes tops to prep, cook and eat. This could easily be made to feed up to 8ppl without majorly affecting the amount of time it would take to make.  Unless you make your dressing from scratch. Which if you notice from the name of the salad in its true nature, and you’d have to rename your version. The sanctity of my salads name must be preserved and all.

Hope you enjoyed my partitioned blog piece.

Summer Tay

Day 72: The Raw Diet (Is Disgusting)

Raw meat is now a thing. What the what? A news article today claims that, of all people Natalie Portman is an advocate? I’m not that much into celebrity “news” but even I managed to hear about her being vegan(ish – there was that time with the pregnancy [I like me a little less for knowing this]). Less surprising and more believable is Gordon Ramsay and the articles claim that he too is down with the sickness of eating raw beef and raw chicken. Never heard of salmonella? What about e-coli? Maybe if he got a good diet he wouldn’t be so angry? *hint hint, nudge nudge* :)?

This diet, if popular long enough, could cause an uproar of how meat is natural and healthy fr human consumption. At least temporarily. Then the sicknesses would start surely?

Surely people have tried to do this before. Has anyone been successful? Has anyone kept track of success to failure ratio and life expectancy (and life joy expectancy in comparisons)? This guy. He has tried every diet under the sun it seems, and has become his healthiest on a raw meat diet. A diet he has sustained for 5 years and counting. I warn you, hopefully before you click the link, that the picture you will undoubtedly see if you click it is a shocker. Lets just say, British circa 1500’s teeth, that’s all I’m saying. He brushes his teeth with animal fat. This guy has a girlfriend. I just…stunned.

Is he an exception? Why is this diet working for him? I want studies (respectfully done of course) of this guy done to find out why he seems to be at his optimal on such a diet. I don’t mean to be mean but, that is not normal. I’m sorry, but that fridge, and those teeth, and the smoothie of blood and internal sheep organs. I want to never eat again.

I’m sorry but I cannot get behind this. He needs to be checked, he needs to be given alternatives that will work for him and maybe some surgery or something to fix what is going on there and figure out how on earth he survived this long on that diet.

What I don’t know is where are the other examples? Did they die quickly from it and not get noticed, or did they simply not become known for it, or is it simply a very new fad that aside from this one guy has never really existed at all before? Have to admit, if I had a diet that was that extreme, I probably wouldn’t tell people.

To the non vegans who read this blog, if the diet did become a full on famous thing, would you fancy some raw sheep brain? Would you drink that smoothie? Is this a plausible thing society at large will do or just a trumped up crazy thing that exists that has given the newsplaces a story more swallowable than the wars happening, the economy crashing or what to do about unemployment?

To the grossest diet I have ever seen in my entire life, and to trying to turn one of the worlds most famous chefs vegan,

Summer Tay.

P.S. If you didn’t already do so, before clicking the this guy link, you may want to grab a bucket. Fair warning.