Day 52: Carnivore Quiz

Some say humans are carnivores. That we evolved to eat meat. If we did, then we would have the bodies of a carnivore. The speed, the internal organs, the jaw, and the ability (and desire only) to eat raw meat. We are the only species that eats meat cooked. We are physically incapable of eating raw meat – not without getting extremely sick, if not dieing. That after so many centuries of eating meat we still haven’t evolved into a raw meat eating species I personally feel proves that not only have we not evolved into a carnivorous species, but that we also never will. If you’re a believer in evolution (like me) you might say this means that eating meat would not be an evolutionary step forward for humanity, hence the not doing so. We just weren’t meant to eat it. We just like to, some of us.¬†

On my search for more fors and againsts I found a few comparison tables, the most informative I hope will appear below. If not I’ll add it as a link as I mutter expletives about a certain blog hosting site.

In my surfing of the web I also came upon a rather adorable video, narrated by a very intelligent pig. He will explain how to tell if you are a carnivore. Anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered with graphs may prefer this version.

Next time someone comes at you with the “we are meant to eat meat -it’s healthy, it’s natural, we evolved to eat meat”, show them these and explain how not healthy meat is, how as a species we have not devolved to eat meat, and how clearly not healthy it is for our bodies based on these things and so much more evidence being out there.

Really, if you choose to eat meat, fine. I’ll leave your diet alone if you leave mine alone. If you start the topic though, and you start with your carnivore logic, then you’ll get a lesson or two. If you really want to talk about the healthiness of veganism and carnivore diets, learn about it first. Don’t enter the conversation ignorant and then maybe you won’t feel so “judged” when I give you the facts I have that justify my diet. Or maybe, just maybe, your research will lead you to change your mind too and give up the meats and things. Of course if you’d rather stay ignorant, then fine, just don’t enter a serious conversation about diets and health if you are going to deliberately choose to remain ignorant. Oh yeah, and, hearing from someone who heard from someone that¬† some vegans lack fiber does not constitute being knowledgeable on the topic.

It’s amazing how quickly other people become experts in your health when you become vegan.

Well, that is my rant. So many more things I want to say, but it just comes out negative. Like why do people think that because we take note of our vitamin and mineral intake (and take supplements) that we are less healthy? Everyone should be doing that, it’s just more common among vegans and vegetarians, because we actually give more of a damn about it. And why act like we are preachy lecturery meanies when we try to tell you that your red meat is going to give you a heart attack? We’re trying to help. Heart attacks are not fun, and I know how to have you not go through one. Sigh.

Everyone treats me like different person now, yet I feel kinda the same, but it makes me wonder if I have changed, even though this decision seems like a natural one that I should take. Apparently I have already smashed through the amount of time several people thought I would last on the no meat no dairy issue (the 1 slip-up not being counted). The longest anyone has on it is 3 months. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! I am so going to be better than that. This started out as just a health thing, but it’s become so much more. In case it hasn’t become obvious, I’m officially adding animal ethics to my reasons for doing this (hoorah!).

Ok now my rant is over. Thanks for reading!

Summer Tay.