Day 59: Massive Mango Madness

I just ate the biggest mango in history! It was measured at 15 by 13 by 10 cms, and it tasted like bliss.


The mango came off my dads tree. Last year dad had more mangoes than he had pairs of holey undies (who understands guys and their holey undie fetish). This year he got a grand total of 11. All massive. All amazing looking. If you look at the picture, you’ll notice the mango is the almost the same length as a kitchen knife.

You jelly?

Summer Tay.


Day 31: Love Thy Handles

Still alive, still not in jail. The cyanide in VitB12 would not be enough to harm you. Cyanocobalamin, the cyanide version of VitB12, is also found in fruits and nuts as well, such as almonds, soy, spinach, bamboo, apple seeds, etc. It turns out I am not the only one to have figured out and become surprised by the whole cyanide thing. Some sources say the Cyano VitB12 is fine, whilst others will mention the other option and say you’re better with the¬†Methylcobalamin one. Hmmm, I shall finish the supplements already bought, then be more careful next time. No more cyanide!

To mark the end of the first month of this diet attempt, someone pointed out I have lost weight. He made sure before making the comment by jiggling my (slightly diminished) love-handles. Joy.

To the end of a month of blogging,

Summer Tay.