Day 75: Drink Till It’s Drunk – The Worlds Favourite Beverage

Did you know: tea is the most drank drink in the whole wide world? Even water cannot compete with that taste. And now that I know that I want some even more. To the chai tea!

Summer Tay.


Day 72: The Raw Diet (Is Disgusting)

Raw meat is now a thing. What the what? A news article today claims that, of all people Natalie Portman is an advocate? I’m not that much into celebrity “news” but even I managed to hear about her being vegan(ish – there was that time with the pregnancy [I like me a little less for knowing this]). Less surprising and more believable is Gordon Ramsay and the articles claim that he too is down with the sickness of eating raw beef and raw chicken. Never heard of salmonella? What about e-coli? Maybe if he got a good diet he wouldn’t be so angry? *hint hint, nudge nudge* :)?

This diet, if popular long enough, could cause an uproar of how meat is natural and healthy fr human consumption. At least temporarily. Then the sicknesses would start surely?

Surely people have tried to do this before. Has anyone been successful? Has anyone kept track of success to failure ratio and life expectancy (and life joy expectancy in comparisons)? This guy. He has tried every diet under the sun it seems, and has become his healthiest on a raw meat diet. A diet he has sustained for 5 years and counting. I warn you, hopefully before you click the link, that the picture you will undoubtedly see if you click it is a shocker. Lets just say, British circa 1500’s teeth, that’s all I’m saying. He brushes his teeth with animal fat. This guy has a girlfriend. I just…stunned.

Is he an exception? Why is this diet working for him? I want studies (respectfully done of course) of this guy done to find out why he seems to be at his optimal on such a diet. I don’t mean to be mean but, that is not normal. I’m sorry, but that fridge, and those teeth, and the smoothie of blood and internal sheep organs. I want to never eat again.

I’m sorry but I cannot get behind this. He needs to be checked, he needs to be given alternatives that will work for him and maybe some surgery or something to fix what is going on there and figure out how on earth he survived this long on that diet.

What I don’t know is where are the other examples? Did they die quickly from it and not get noticed, or did they simply not become known for it, or is it simply a very new fad that aside from this one guy has never really existed at all before? Have to admit, if I had a diet that was that extreme, I probably wouldn’t tell people.

To the non vegans who read this blog, if the diet did become a full on famous thing, would you fancy some raw sheep brain? Would you drink that smoothie? Is this a plausible thing society at large will do or just a trumped up crazy thing that exists that has given the newsplaces a story more swallowable than the wars happening, the economy crashing or what to do about unemployment?

To the grossest diet I have ever seen in my entire life, and to trying to turn one of the worlds most famous chefs vegan,

Summer Tay.

P.S. If you didn’t already do so, before clicking the this guy link, you may want to grab a bucket. Fair warning.

Day 71: Hipster Vegan Hangout

I’m writing on my phone for the first time so this post is going to be short. Today I was taken to a trendy hipster type place I never knew existed.  It consists almost entirely of food. The exceptions are a clothing store and a live band. They weren’t too shabby. But back to the food.

They had everything! All the kinds of food including wood fire pizza, Korean, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Vegan. The vegan one had a whole bunch if different fresh salads, a hot pot, falafel, some weird and tasty seaweed roll thingy and a couple of desserts to choose from.  I had a massive craving for potato so went with a potato salad.

Where to find this?  Every Saturday from 4pm you’ll find this place of awesome and wonderment at the industrial estate in Miami, QLD (Australia). The Miami Marketta.

I want to add a picture, but the phone is being a b-hole.

To the next step: becoming hipster! (But not really if I do that please just shoot me).

Summer Tay.

Day 59: Massive Mango Madness

I just ate the biggest mango in history! It was measured at 15 by 13 by 10 cms, and it tasted like bliss.


The mango came off my dads tree. Last year dad had more mangoes than he had pairs of holey undies (who understands guys and their holey undie fetish). This year he got a grand total of 11. All massive. All amazing looking. If you look at the picture, you’ll notice the mango is the almost the same length as a kitchen knife.

You jelly?

Summer Tay.