Day 31: Love Thy Handles

Still alive, still not in jail. The cyanide in VitB12 would not be enough to harm you. Cyanocobalamin, the cyanide version of VitB12, is also found in fruits and nuts as well, such as almonds, soy, spinach, bamboo, apple seeds, etc. It turns out I am not the only one to have figured out and become surprised by the whole cyanide thing. Some sources say the Cyano VitB12 is fine, whilst others will mention the other option and say you’re better with the Methylcobalamin one. Hmmm, I shall finish the supplements already bought, then be more careful next time. No more cyanide!

To mark the end of the first month of this diet attempt, someone pointed out I have lost weight. He made sure before making the comment by jiggling my (slightly diminished) love-handles. Joy.

To the end of a month of blogging,

Summer Tay.


Day 30: Cyanide, Anyone? Dangerous Deficiencies pt 6 (VitB12) (final DD, for now)

I know I was supposed to give you guys one more vitamin deficiency to think about, maybe magnesium, maybe Iodine, maybe something else, but instead I have found even more stuff on Vitamin B12 that after reading knew I had to share. Vitamin B12 has cyanide in it. I have been taking cyanide tablets, and possibly so have you.

Vitamin B12 comes in two forms: Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin. One of these contains cyanide in it. I’m sure you can guess which one. According to my research, the eating of the cyanide in small doses is fine, provided your body has the capability to combat it. The best thing for combating cyanide is *drum role please* glutathione.

Glutathione is a chemical substance that is very difficult to maintain within your body. A single supplementation does no noticeable change to your Glu levels. In order for supplements to have any affect you must remember to take them on a daily basis. 

The effects of a deficiency in this, according to wikipedia, are increased susceptibility to HIV/AIDS, chemical and infectious hepatitis, myalgic encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome, prostate and other cancers, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, radiation poisoning, malnutritive states, arduous physical stress, and ageing, and has been associated with suboptimal immune response.

So in other words, if you want to take cyanide-Vitamin B12, you may also want to check up on your Glutathione levels too. All of my tablets that include B12 have the cyanide B12 :(. 

The other option, Methylcobalamin, is a healthier if but seemingly less common vitamin B12 suppliant. It is faster to absorb into the body – M absorbs immediately, whilst C takes 12 days to fully absorb and start being out to use. M has better retention within the body, meaning it gets stored better and is put to use better than C. It was also said that M is effective in assisting your eyesight, whilst C made no difference in that particular area. 

You know, it’s not until you actually study these things that you realise how much didn’t know, how ignorant and uninformed and how it would never have occurred to me that there could be more to it than what the general public would share. You feel so complacent with what you do know that you never really think to look it up to know more. Like as in how is this not something that people would mention? I asked naturopathic friends about vitamin B12 and neither of them thought to mention “oh by the way, do be careful which supplements you get, as many of them contain cyanide”. Did they not know? Or did they simply not know I would be interested to know this? I’m going to tell them, since I’m betting if they did not know, they would want to. They gave me one of my multi-vits, I’m putting my imaginary money on they didn’t know. Lesson learnt: always do your own research. Asking people can give you a base to start from, but always do your own research, and a lot of it. I didn’t even notice this the first time around (day 24: VitB12). So even if you do do some research, still don’t assume you know everything, you never know if there is something you missed. 

I have cyanide in my iron, multi B vitamin and multi-vitamin supplements. Add on top of that my mega calcium supplement has 1500mg of calcium, which is 5x the recommended dose. All this I learn after buying these things last week. Dammit I don’t want any of these 😦

If you cannot find the non-poisonous VitB12 in stores, there is always online. If you cannot find a link, here is one I found today. This one interests me because you have the option of 50 tablets with 500mg of the vitamin or you can click the link/advert next to it for 100 tablets at 100mg of the vitamin at the same price. Or you might find it somewhere else and buy it there. 

Well this has been fun, enlightening and a fresh new round of scary. Seriously, cyanide? And they (the government, the health officials, the companies that sell this, everyone) were ok with this? No-one thought that maybe that might be a bad idea? Nobody thought that maybe selling cyanide freely this way, where no paper trail is left to show that someone has bought it, was perhaps a bad idea? What if some crazy got the idea to use this to their advantage? Just how feasible would it be for someone to do this? Am I over-thinking this or over-reacting? I may be over-thinking/reacting/analysing/freaking out. Just slightly. Half of me wants to investigate this further, half of me wonders if doing so will attract unwanted police attention. 

Well let you know if I did or didn’t risk looking it up in my post tomorrow, unless I don’t post tomorrow, in which case you can assume a) I did look it up, b) it is very feasible and c) I’m in jail.

Have a nice day!

Summer Tay.