Chocolate coated balls – a recipe

Tl/Dr: Make churroes in ball shape, make spanish hot chocolate as your drink and dipping sauce in one. Buy from op shops. 

I do not own a piping bag. To look at all the food makers of all genres this feels a bit like not having a TV, but in kitchen utencil form.  But this is ok, I have learnt to make do. For example today I decided it had been too long since the sweet yet savoury and oh so delicious taste of churros had delighted my taste buds, so I decided to give it a go.

The Ingredients 

  • 1 cup water
  • 5 tbs white sugar
  • ½ tsp pink salt
  • 2 tbs vegetable oil
  • 1 cup flour
  • Oil
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 tbs ground cinnamon

The method

  1. Combine water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil in a medium pot. Stir mixture until the mixture becomes a paste.
  2. Preheat oven at 180 degrees. Place sufficient vegetable oil into a baking pan.
  3. Roll paste into small-medium sized balls. Or pipe them into a long churro shape. Place on baking pan and put into oven. Cook for approx. 10 minutes or until the mixture looks slightly brown. Drain on a paper towel.
  4. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl/lidded cup. Roll churros in mixture.
  5. Create a chocolate dipping sauce, dip the churros into the dipping sauce, then eat.

I poured the cinnasugar mixture into the chip n dip then rolled it in that. It worked. This recipe made about 13 churro balls, so probably 4 normal sized churros. Making really small balls then minimising cooking time to probably 5 minutes would make for a great party treat.

The sauce was discover whilst on a search for a good, thick, Spanish hot chocolate recipe. Coincidentally this drink can double as a churro dipping sauce. How could I pass uop the opportunity to make my sauce and drink at the same time?

The ingredients  

  • 5 tbs Cocoa
  • 4 tbs sugar
  • ½ tbs corn starch (or in my case corn flour) 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup organic oat milk.

The Method
1. Combine all ingredients in a deep pot and continually stir on a lowish-medium heat.  Continue this until the mixture is at your desired consistency.

2. Pour delicious hotness all over your churros / dip your churro balls into the mixture in a classy fashion and do not double dip. 

The churro recipe was sourced from all recipes whilst the Spanish hot chocolate X churro dipping sauce came from may I have that recipe. The dipping sauce is supposed to have corn starch, however I used corn flour. The grocery stores didn’t have the starch, I had to improvise. It did not come out drinkable.

The chip n dip is also my latest kitchen addition. Less than half the original price at the local second hand store, still unopened in its box. It’s on its first week and already been used twice. This thing looks impressive on the table. I thoroughly recommend op shopping.

Hope you like the recipe and churroes in their new shape. No offence to regular churroes.

With love,

Summer Tay.


Day 96: Motherly Love

Huzzah my mum just told me she tried my vegan choc balls (from day 92) – and she LOVED them. I did not even prod her or ask her to, I just left it on the free-for-all shelf of the fridge and she tried it. So I tried it again. It tasted like ferrero rocher + ice cream. It was amazing. I have to share this with the world. Somehow. I wonder if I can make it shaped like a bunny and give it as easter presents. This should happen. The world deserves to know this taste.

I’m going back for more.

To great surprises,

Summer Tay 😀

Day 73: Handbags and Salads

Hello dear readers 🙂 I have had 2 things to blog about today, and the one being completely unrelated to the other in almost every way, Ive separated the topics to make it easier to navigate to the part you’d find interesting. To some up the parts: part 1, monacle handbag, part 2, Speedy Von Salad.

Part 1: Handbag shopping

About 3 weeks before going veganish I bought a gorgeous, designer, $800 leather handbag. Now before you go calling the nice doctors in the clean white coats, there was a sale. A big one. I’m not cray cray. 3 weeks later I decide to become vegan. Well, shoot.

Shopping for handbags, again! I hate shopping for handbags. They are impossible to find nice ones in the right colour with the right style and the right space and don’t break after a few months (I have a skill) and all the things! Looking for faux leather was my first hit. These would certainly be nice looking, and not so expensive as real leather.

The first website was all mens, the second was super expensive and ugly, as were the few rest. Until I found this.

ImageThere is no price too much to pay for such a bag, only prices so high that I cannot  afford to pay for them.

…As much as I wanted this and only this (for a while anyway) ended up buying  a new handbag and wallet from Kate Hill to a grand total of $35. Why the new wallet? Because sale, that’s why.

Part 2: Salad Recipe

For lack of a better name I dub thee Lazy-Ass salad, for I am a lazy butt, and you, you are a salad. Here is how I made my lazy-ass salad:

Grab a vegan chicken schnitzel ($7 for 4 from Coles enclosed fridge section). Cook that sexy crumbed beast on a small fry pan that just holds it. This will compact the vegetable oil (or whatever oil you use). Whilst that is cooking grab a bowl.

Grab the bowl, grab a handful of lettuce randomly from a big lettuce formation in your fridge, wash it, chuck it in the bowl.
Grab a thin slice of red capsicum and cut into teeny tiny pieces, a fresh as fudge sliced mushroom, a thin sliver of red onion cut into miniscule dust specks, and olives, halved. This should take 4-5 minutes.  This is the part where you get to go crazy with the spices.

Shift your attention to the chicken, now to me, now back to the chicken.  Add oregano to your uncooked side of the chicken. Flip that chick. Cover the cooked side with turmeric and add lemon pepper to the oil around it. Mush that chicken all around the fry and soak up some of that delicious lemon pepper.

Once sufficiently cooked remove chicken from fry pan and cut into 1cm x 1cm pieces (or whatever size you want) and add to salad. Mix that sh*t. If you like add a salad dressing. I’d recommend something creamy.

Eat that salad like you’ve never tasted salad so good.

This salad took me about 10 minutes tops to prep, cook and eat. This could easily be made to feed up to 8ppl without majorly affecting the amount of time it would take to make.  Unless you make your dressing from scratch. Which if you notice from the name of the salad in its true nature, and you’d have to rename your version. The sanctity of my salads name must be preserved and all.

Hope you enjoyed my partitioned blog piece.

Summer Tay

Day 70: My Vegan Valentines (+ recipes)

This blog post is dedicated to all those who will be successfully romancing themselves tonight, making themselves a nice warm breakfast to eat in bed, taking themselves out for the day somewhere nice and secluded or staying in and just catching up on a movie and enjoying that quality time with yourself and finally, when you can tell the mood is right and the time is nigh, take it to the next level, finishing the night holding yourself in a warm and loving embrace, because no-one knows how to hold you quite like you do…

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I got into a “yeah ok, lets find something easy to make with what I already have” mood. Introducing: Herb the Yummy Tomato. He was supposed to be heart shaped.

Image                                                                                           Fail.

I made him half as most people grill it, and half as I want to grill. Because dammit, I’m a grown woman, I’ll grill my tomatoes however I want! To hell with the norms! Down with the system! But I digress…

This would have been fantastic as a side to scrambled tofu and vegan bacon with some slices of toast – if it were heart shaped. Now it is an acceptable side. The tomato mixed with lettuce and what I like to call warmed up bread is nice.  Warmed up bread is where you put the bread in the toaster for 30-60 seconds so it’s warm, but it isn’t toast. It’s the best thing ever.


You need a lot of lettuce to combat the extra tastyness of the tomato now that it’s covered in herbs n spices. The slight mushiness makes it easier to eat, and putting it in the middle of the lettuce as opposed to layering it one on top of the other means the bread doesn’t go soggy.  Yes it is a very plain recipe for valentines and not at all like the yummy desserts that everyone else is going on about for their vegan valentines. But it is functional, useable ay time, and perfect for if you’re single and romancing yourself. Or at least would have been, if the tomato came out like a heart. Would probably need to buy a small heart shaped dough cutter to make it work, if it’s even possible.

For a decadent, lazy way to spice up your solo romance dessert style: take sanitarium so good vegan choc ice cream. Add strawberries/raspberries. Add vegan marshmallows. Add coconut shavings. Add crushed peanuts. Add a spoon. Eat up peeps.  Or unlazyafy it by making all these things from scratch and growing fruits and nuts in your garden. Show off.

Now that I have my rocky road ice cream it is time to stream some Bridget Jones Diary then go to my room, close the door and find that magazine with Orlando Bloom on the cover. 

To romantic valentines everywhere,

Summer Tay.

P.S. Cannot get “Oh, My Darling Valentine” out of my head. Dear Lord save me, I know all the lines, and now they are on a loop in my mind.

Day 42: Fourtitude

The 4 Ingredient Cookbook. If you’re thrifty (read: poor) like me you might see this book and think it is the best concept for a recipes / cookbook ever created. It may even be that.  It even boasts as easy as 1,2,3,4 – which technically means it should have tops 4 steps per recipe as well as only 4 ingredients. I dusted it off my shelf today to take a look at its wonders, see if there was anything I could veganise with ease. Naturally my first section is dessert 😀


Noticing something of a trend. One recipe requires the 4 ingredients mentioned to be blended together for first step, then second step is to pour the mixture over a cake base. My dear author, only mentioning 4 of the ingredients does not a 4 ingredient meal make.

Looking through this book, it reads more as a how to for parts of the meal. If you took one recipe only to cook for the night you would go to bed very hungry. Each meat recipe is just a basic topping for meat. There are no officially marked vegetarian dishes let alone a veg section. Despite this I have found some things potentially worth my pittance.2 recipes for baked rice? That’s a thing? That’s a thing. I should try that sometime. Sweet potato casserole? Ok I have to share this recipe with you. It’s 2kg of sweet potato, ½ chopped pecans, 120g margarine (replace with vegan butter) and 1 ½ cups brown sugar. One and a half cups. I cannot even, I just, I cannot imagine, just no.

In the end the book lived up to its 4 step process, which I wasn’t feeling guaranteed on, and did not live up to its 4 ingredient promise, which I really thought it would *gullible face*.  I personally didn’t find any singular recipe that constituted an actual, appropriate meal (sugar potato anyone?), but make 4 of 5 of these and you might have yourself a meal.

The book was written by Jean Coates in 2003, published by Hinkler books. 

My brain keeps forcing my eyes to stare longingly at the avocado on the front cover and dreams of wedges. I have never dipped wedges in mashed avo before, but for the last 24 hours or so I have been increasingly wanting to. I should buy an avo tomorrow and try this.

Ok so I just looked up wedges with avocado to see if it was a thing, and apparently avocado as the wedges is a thing. Learn something new every day.


Picture compliments of, which includes such ingredients as beer, lime juice, buttermilk and mayo. Whoever knew those ingredients could mix? Remove alcohol and sub some ingredients and on my next pay I might just make this one specifically.

To future cooking misadventures!

Avo good day 😀

Summer Tay.

Day 23: Dijon Tempeh / Roast Vegies (recipe)

Made a meal that had me sinking into my chair with joyous ecstasy.

Part 1 – Dijon Tempeh
rice oil, 2 cloves garlic, 3/4 block tempeh, 250 grams mushrooms, 2 roma tomatoes, lemon juice, soya sauce, french dijon mustard

Part 2 – Square Bake
onion, zucchini, eggplant, red and green capsicums, carrot, celery, parsley &/or mixed herbs

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees celcius, then prepare a baking tray. Cut all of the vegetables from part two into small cubes. Place cut vegetables on baking tray, then sprinkle herbs over the top. Place in oven and cook until vegetables are golden.

Step 2:
Slice the Tempeh into 3 from the side on, then 4 times from the top. Cut mushrooms and tomato as desired. I cut the mushrooms into slivers then cut in half, and tomatoes into eights.

Step 3: Prepare fry pan with and garlic and set to highest temperature. Place tempeh with the garlic and cook for 5 minutes. Add mushrooms. Cook until mushrooms are almost finished cooking (almost golden brown) then add tomato. Stir ingredients together.

Step 4: Add desired amount of lemon juice to pan and mix it in, then add desired amount of soya sauce and mix, then add dijon mustard and give the ingredients a good toss.

Step 5: Once the baked vegetables are golden brown and the tempeh has mixed and cooked to your liking, remove from cookers and serve.

I personally would keep the two separate. They both taste amazing, but are better eaten baked veg first then finish with dijon tempeh.

1: Will be making this again, with brown rice next time, and mixing more of the vegies together in the fry pan with the dijon tempeh. You may prefer the recipe that way. Will use the baking all the vegetables together idea as a separate meal and maybe find a good topping for that.

2: The part 1 was originally dijon chicken, but since trying to go vegan got replaced with tempeh. Chicken soaks the mustard sauce into itself, a quality I had assumed Tempeh would emulate. As expected the tempeh soaked the flavour into it, but the sauce itself remained and was quite thick due to my going overboard as chicken would have required. Point being,  a little bit of mustard will go a long way with Tempeh, so use only a small amount as required.

3: What is Tempeh you ask? Well, it is a soy based item similar to tofu, but better. Better? Better how you ask? ‘Tis better because it is less processed than tofu, and has a higher protein content. It is also harder to the touch, making it much easier to prepare it for meal. It has a slight taste of it’s own, unlike tofu. Dare I say it seems to soak up the flavours around it much better than tofu does. Most of all, it’s texture. It’s texture is more chewy and generally more pleasurable to the mouth, at least for me anyways. *May also be bias since tempeh is Indonesian and so is my sister-in-law.

4: Good source of Vitamin B12.

5: If you ever try doing this recipe with any type of tofu, let me know how that goes?

Sorry about the no picture part, but frankly the meal doesn’t look that pretty when you actually look at it, and the parts 1 and 2 look unusual together. The picture would do a massive injustice to the taste and may turn you off. Don’t be though, it is phenominal, if I may say so myself.

Happy cooking everyone 😀

Summer Tay.

Day 22: Fight for my love!

So far I have attempted making my own oat milk twice. The first time was with maple syrup and tasted acceptable and the second, made with shredded coconut, not so much. Things to remember are to blend the oats several times not just once, and to add a good portion of maple syrup. It also doesn’t hurt to have a better blender than a bullet. Something bigger and with speed control and the ability to hack making oat milk without sounding like an angry robot.

One thing I have come to very much dislike about recipes is that often they seem to have a notes section, and in this notes section, is something super important to the process of making it. I don’t know about other people, but once I get started it doesn’t really matter what is in the notes, I follow the method/process section to the T and never deviate or think to look anywhere else for direction. Not even the notes section. That said, I did at least take a long pause before adding the oats to the blender with the water it had soaked in for 20 minutes, as opposed to adding fresh water like I thought I ought. But the method said nothing of it, and the person stood by their very yummy looking creation, so I made it that way. Then wondered why it didn’t taste so good. Then read the notes. I’m an idiot.

On a whim the oven went on and a baking tray prepared for the leftover mixture of oat and coconut. Added some flour and some vanilla escense and wooden spooned it on the tray and into the oven till cooked. They also tasted bad, so I added sultanas to liven them up a bit. Nope, still bad. Still, Willa and Mable thought they were the bees knees. I love those gals.

Mable and Willa fight for my cookie!

An unfortunate realisation, video taping yourself cooking is rather difficult. Filming me doesn’t  fit under the duties of a best friend so I’ve been told, and I’m uncertain to ask a housemate. Still looking for a way to do a good enough job of it on my own. Couple that with my being new to video editing software. So for now that video idea has been put to the back burner. For now.

Once I get a blender I’ll give this oat milk shenanigans another try. Third times the charm?

Summer Tay.

Day 13: Unlucky For Some

Why do so many recipes require utensils and equipment I don’t have? And why are these things so expensive to buy? $500 for a decent food processor, hell no. And why are so many online recipes vegan recipes including eggs, dairy and honey? (Vegan) You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Suggestion to kitchen appliance companies: Create an appliance series. Make it possible, and cheaper, to buy all of them at once. Students, youth, people buying their first home and those new to the whole not eating take-out and fried foods every day would be very grateful, and you would get to sell a whole bunch of them at once. Think of the profits, the customer loyalty, the customer satisfaction 😀 I guess I’m just impatient because, I want it all, and I want it now, but I guess i’m just a queen that way (zing!).

On the bright side, mango season! YAY! 😀 God give me strength for I see fresh mangoes on the kitchen bench and I want to steal one.

To mango coloured linings,

Summer Tay.

P.S. If you should happen to want to buy me a food processor for Christmas, I would not be adverse to that happening. Or I could just wait for boxing day sales, surviving on the minimal kitchen tech I have now, figuring out ways to make meals in my primitive, food processor-less kitchen…

P.S.S. If you claim your recipe is vegan, then mention dairy milk or eggs or something clearly not at all vegan, and just expect me to add my choice of vegan substitute, I will punch your recipe in the face. In. The. Face. So please decide on the best vegan substitute, and do go so far as to make the meal with said substitute before you go recommending it. You cheeky sneak.

Day 9: Having my cake and eating it too (pt3)

 Come home to a bench covered in appliances and random things I wont be using but may not move. Never-the-less, there is room enough if I utilise a dining table and an area dedicated to 2 members of the family.
“You cannot leave those there, that is Jay’s spot, he’ll get mad at you”
“I’m not leaving them there, I am placing them there temporarily whilst I prepare the cake”
“Well you cannot make it now, we’re about to make lunch, wait till after lunch!”

Eventually they do make their lunches’, and I finally get to commandeer the kitchen. Grab the ingredients, grab the blender and “make sure you clean the blender after you’re done with it. People are always using the blender and not cleaning it after”. I comment politely how the blender was just cleaned and I would of course clean it immediately after using it. I add the stuff, mix it all up, and realise I need to prep the tin. Well, we have a cake tin alright, but it isn’t spring-form. If I use it, the cake will freeze to the side of the pan. I’ve come to far and spent way too much money to back down now, it’s going to happen anyway. If it breaks, I’ll replace. Oh gosh the crumbly base tastes so good on it’s own. Wonder how many chefs got this far and taste tested the base and couldn’t stop till they got enough? With great strength of restraint I put the base in the tin cakecan and put it in the freezer.

That was Step 1. Step 2, the filling. Grab the food processor, and the ingredients, click it all together, turn it on at the wall and flick the switch. Nothing. “It’s an old one it might not work”. Meep. But it has to work. It will work. I know it that I will make it work. Summer Tay never gives up, Summer Tay finds a way.

5 minutes and a lot of jiggling it by a friend and the thing does work. Mix it all up, add it to the tin, and back in the freezer.

Topping time! Only 2 ingredients to blend and DANGIT you piece of GRRR see this is why you need to read recipes carefully. The ingredients list said ½ cup of dates. The health food lady did her best to give me as close to that as possible. The base said add the dates, and now so is the topping. Neither one is specific on how much, so naturally, I chucked the majority of the dates into the base. This is why it’s handy to buy extra – just in case.

Frozen strawberries and whole dates do not blend well. That is, the blender is not having a good time trying to cut through either ingredient. A barrage of turn it offs erupt around me as I do so. Solution number one: heat the ingredients so the strawberries aren’t frozen. Better, but still not enough. Solution 2: add a little bit of water. Not even slightly appearing to help. Solution 3: use the processor. Yes. Even the processor seems to be working hard to get the job done. Had to give it 2 breaks to relax before it finally got going without any worries. I inform the ever-present chatter of negative disbelief behind me of this miracle. Then I feel a wetness on my hand. The processor, is bleeding strawberry. Stopping the machine now. At least it looks good enough. Topping is added to the cake. Back to the freezer! Set timer: 4 hours.

-2 hours later-

Waiting 4 hours for the cake to freeze, going insane with impatience. Must find something to distract my mind. Am consumed with thoughts of cheesecake. Forget the pile of bladed and sticky washing up, this waiting feels like the hardest part.

-2 more hours later-

Cut the fresh strawberries, add them to the top, call in Flister, insist he try some cake.

Flister’s response covers the entire eating of the piece of cake. From he is addicted, to surprise at the success of the unusual recipe, to “every bite of this makes me want to hug you”, with a plate -scraping finish. I think he genuinely likes it 😛

Me personally, I loved the taste of the cake. The best bit was probably the fact that the topping is frozen cold and the day is frickin hot which makes an epic combo. The red colour and delicious taste makes it perfect for the Christmas table.

Overall opinion of those that tried mine: 4.25/5 (4 reviews).

Wow what an amazingly long blog today.

Summer Tay.

*I swear to all the holy things back-seat cooks are the worst. I don’t care that it means buying a whole bunch of expensive appliances, I am never attempting to make a video of my cooking here again.

**This cake must have cost me around $80. Not sure whose on the diet here, me or my wallet.  

***3 days later and this thing still tastes like happiness 😀