Day 73: Handbags and Salads

Hello dear readers 🙂 I have had 2 things to blog about today, and the one being completely unrelated to the other in almost every way, Ive separated the topics to make it easier to navigate to the part you’d find interesting. To some up the parts: part 1, monacle handbag, part 2, Speedy Von Salad.

Part 1: Handbag shopping

About 3 weeks before going veganish I bought a gorgeous, designer, $800 leather handbag. Now before you go calling the nice doctors in the clean white coats, there was a sale. A big one. I’m not cray cray. 3 weeks later I decide to become vegan. Well, shoot.

Shopping for handbags, again! I hate shopping for handbags. They are impossible to find nice ones in the right colour with the right style and the right space and don’t break after a few months (I have a skill) and all the things! Looking for faux leather was my first hit. These would certainly be nice looking, and not so expensive as real leather.

The first website was all mens, the second was super expensive and ugly, as were the few rest. Until I found this.

ImageThere is no price too much to pay for such a bag, only prices so high that I cannot  afford to pay for them.

…As much as I wanted this and only this (for a while anyway) ended up buying  a new handbag and wallet from Kate Hill to a grand total of $35. Why the new wallet? Because sale, that’s why.

Part 2: Salad Recipe

For lack of a better name I dub thee Lazy-Ass salad, for I am a lazy butt, and you, you are a salad. Here is how I made my lazy-ass salad:

Grab a vegan chicken schnitzel ($7 for 4 from Coles enclosed fridge section). Cook that sexy crumbed beast on a small fry pan that just holds it. This will compact the vegetable oil (or whatever oil you use). Whilst that is cooking grab a bowl.

Grab the bowl, grab a handful of lettuce randomly from a big lettuce formation in your fridge, wash it, chuck it in the bowl.
Grab a thin slice of red capsicum and cut into teeny tiny pieces, a fresh as fudge sliced mushroom, a thin sliver of red onion cut into miniscule dust specks, and olives, halved. This should take 4-5 minutes.  This is the part where you get to go crazy with the spices.

Shift your attention to the chicken, now to me, now back to the chicken.  Add oregano to your uncooked side of the chicken. Flip that chick. Cover the cooked side with turmeric and add lemon pepper to the oil around it. Mush that chicken all around the fry and soak up some of that delicious lemon pepper.

Once sufficiently cooked remove chicken from fry pan and cut into 1cm x 1cm pieces (or whatever size you want) and add to salad. Mix that sh*t. If you like add a salad dressing. I’d recommend something creamy.

Eat that salad like you’ve never tasted salad so good.

This salad took me about 10 minutes tops to prep, cook and eat. This could easily be made to feed up to 8ppl without majorly affecting the amount of time it would take to make.  Unless you make your dressing from scratch. Which if you notice from the name of the salad in its true nature, and you’d have to rename your version. The sanctity of my salads name must be preserved and all.

Hope you enjoyed my partitioned blog piece.

Summer Tay


Day 70: My Vegan Valentines (+ recipes)

This blog post is dedicated to all those who will be successfully romancing themselves tonight, making themselves a nice warm breakfast to eat in bed, taking themselves out for the day somewhere nice and secluded or staying in and just catching up on a movie and enjoying that quality time with yourself and finally, when you can tell the mood is right and the time is nigh, take it to the next level, finishing the night holding yourself in a warm and loving embrace, because no-one knows how to hold you quite like you do…

Happy Valentines Day!

Today I got into a “yeah ok, lets find something easy to make with what I already have” mood. Introducing: Herb the Yummy Tomato. He was supposed to be heart shaped.

Image                                                                                           Fail.

I made him half as most people grill it, and half as I want to grill. Because dammit, I’m a grown woman, I’ll grill my tomatoes however I want! To hell with the norms! Down with the system! But I digress…

This would have been fantastic as a side to scrambled tofu and vegan bacon with some slices of toast – if it were heart shaped. Now it is an acceptable side. The tomato mixed with lettuce and what I like to call warmed up bread is nice.  Warmed up bread is where you put the bread in the toaster for 30-60 seconds so it’s warm, but it isn’t toast. It’s the best thing ever.


You need a lot of lettuce to combat the extra tastyness of the tomato now that it’s covered in herbs n spices. The slight mushiness makes it easier to eat, and putting it in the middle of the lettuce as opposed to layering it one on top of the other means the bread doesn’t go soggy.  Yes it is a very plain recipe for valentines and not at all like the yummy desserts that everyone else is going on about for their vegan valentines. But it is functional, useable ay time, and perfect for if you’re single and romancing yourself. Or at least would have been, if the tomato came out like a heart. Would probably need to buy a small heart shaped dough cutter to make it work, if it’s even possible.

For a decadent, lazy way to spice up your solo romance dessert style: take sanitarium so good vegan choc ice cream. Add strawberries/raspberries. Add vegan marshmallows. Add coconut shavings. Add crushed peanuts. Add a spoon. Eat up peeps.  Or unlazyafy it by making all these things from scratch and growing fruits and nuts in your garden. Show off.

Now that I have my rocky road ice cream it is time to stream some Bridget Jones Diary then go to my room, close the door and find that magazine with Orlando Bloom on the cover. 

To romantic valentines everywhere,

Summer Tay.

P.S. Cannot get “Oh, My Darling Valentine” out of my head. Dear Lord save me, I know all the lines, and now they are on a loop in my mind.

Day 65: Big Badass Blender! (+ Avo pesto pasta recipe)

I own a blender! I own a beautiful, white Kambrook blender. The first thing I did was re-find the most delicious of all recipes I have found in the last 2 months: Avocado Pesto Fettuccini.This recipe looks so amazing it sat on my mind and was what compelled me to have to have a food processor or blender asap. Literally the moment I got my new baby home I found the recipe then went out and bought the ingredients and started making it happen.

Avocado Pesto Fettuccini
Feeds: 2ppl.

  • Fettuccini pasta
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 2 Avocadoes, pitted and peeled
  • 2tbl Lemon Juice
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil (or olive oil)


  1. Cook pasta
  2. Place all ingredients into the blender, turn on blender, blend until smooth. ish.
  3. Combine pasta and smoothish avo pesto in a bowl.
  4. Eat ravenously.Image

If you follow the original recipe, you’ll also have salt, pepper and tomatoes. I had every intention of putting halved cherry tomatoes on top for garnish and intensified taste, but once the pesto was on the pasta I couldn’t hold back and the cherry tomatoes got to live another day.

The avocadoes were expensive. I’m sorry but I have to say it; 4 weeks ago they were $1ea. 2 weeks ago they were $1.50ea. Today they were $3ea. That is how much I wanted this meal, I paid $3ea for 2 avocadoes. You can bet I shopped around, but everywhere had that price. Is there an avo famine of which I am unaware?

Making the avo pesto was a little bit difficult. It all fit nicely in the jug, but the blending part went less than perfectly, it was as if the jug was too full. It sounded a little strained when blending and it required several stops, during which I would need to dig out the avo at the base and mix the ingredients around a little so it would go again. I only stopped it for a mintue (literally, not figatorically) before starting again though. Eventually got sick of the stop-and-start and decided it was mixed enough and just ate it. It tasted pretty darn good though.

For those interested in a blender, I have bought the Kambrook KBL110. It costs $39 from Kmart, has a 600W motor, 1.5L glass jug and has 2 speeds plus pulse. The box also claims it crushes ice. Having read many customer reviews on many blenders with the same claim, I will believe this when I see it. Which will be later when my lunch has settled.  There are 2 drawbacks to this blender: it’s lack of strength at blending a full jug and the epic hassle to clean. From what I’ve read of online reviews is that if you want to avoid these issues you pretty much will have to fork out the money for the vitamix – otherwise one blender sounds much like another regardless of price.

Some might also say my blender is loud, to which I say, pah! It sounds like a blender should sound. Besides, any noise it makes is worth it for the food drink you’ll now be able to make 😀

Will keep you updated on any mishaps or extra exciting news on the blenders continuing awesomeness or lack there of.  At this price, if it lasts 6 months I’ll be happy to recommend.

To finally having a blender :D,

Summer Tay.

P.S. I have yummy smelling hands now.