Day 49: An Apple A Day

Today I read the most straight to the point, effective and pretty to look at guide to foods that prevent fat. It came from the Australian edition of mans magazine m2. Today I also learnt that magazines can be informative, and can have a legitimate column without blatantly trying to sell something or make you feel inadequate (got white girl lips, try lip enhancer lip gloss. What do you mean your home isn’t big enough for a 12 person wooden dining table and chairs? But then how do you host monthly soirees?!?).

To avoid plagarism, i’ll only point out the top 3 I found the most interesting + 1 I found fairly random.

1. Apples. The catalyst that began the trojan war. In older times to throw one at a greek woman was to profess your love for her. For her to eat it was to accept your profession and give you her maidenhood hand in marriage, as well as decrease her appetite which will make her less likely to go old McDonalds Farm and ask for some greasy foods. Apples will have this affect on you males too.

Apples contains a fibre called pectin which is┬á a natural appettie suppresant. If you know anyone that uses appetite supression as their excuse to smoke, give them an apple asap. Just don’t throw it at them or you may be in for an interesting time.
Apples are also high in natural sugar which means it enrgises you. If you know anyone that uses waking up in the morning as their excuse for a morning coffee, give them a juiced apple, asap.

2. Calcium based products. Ok so the magazine states low fat dairy products as a fat fighting food. The reason why is because of calcium. If you do not get sufficient calcium from your diet, your body releases a hormone called calcitrion. Calcitrion creates calcium from your bones, which then stores itself inside your at at a higher rate than dietary created calcium. This is the difference between your body storing fat and burning it.

What I got from this is to have my cake and eat it too, then drink a tall glass of calcium enriched soy + banana smoothie too.

If you want to know more about how calcium affects your body (weight) then I could recommend this book. I read part of it today for this blog and am considering reading all of it.

3. Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne lowers your blood sugar and increases metabolism. It is also a good acidity regulator. If you eat a lot of acidic food and/or are diabetic then this pepper has got your back like as if your name was Tony Stark.

I look forward to making apple pie with some of this chucked in. Diabetics would be able to enjoy this cake/sweet without stress or guilt. Children and adults alike always love apple pie. And it’s easily made vegan and gluten free. It’s the perfect sweet. I think I know what I’ll be trying to make next ­čśÇ

4. Asparagus. Hear me out. Asparagus breaks down Oxalic Acid. Oxalic acid has thus far eluded itself from to having a good purpose in the human body, despite it’s insistance in being there to some degree. What it does do is cause fat to hug your cells in a glue-like fashion and not let go. Not cool. Asparagus rides in like a knight in shining armour, defeating the vile and useless Oxalic and giving your body a higher waste removal effectiveness and lower fat storage. I have also learnt that asparagus wrapped in meat, especially bacon, is a thing. People do this. *shudders*.

I’m not sure how big a difference this will be to your fat and waste levels. Trying to research this particular claim and it appears not many people have thought to scientifically study the affects of Asparagus and this Oxalic. Still, asparagus. Seems such an out there thing to suggest. I rarely if i’ve ever heard asparagus mentioned in “top super foods” or “how to lose weight” or any of those things. Neither has anyone ever said to me anything like “asparagus is my favourite vegetable” or “I love cooking with asparagus,it is one of the things I always have in my kitchen”. Yet here it is. In this list. Possibly soon my kitchen and for the first time ever my food.

That is all for explained away top fat fighting foods. The others included in the double page feature were oatmeal, citrus fruits, olives, nuts, tomatoes, cinnamon, lean protein foods, fatty fish (hmmm), beans, flax seeds & oil, turmeric, leafy greens, carrots and garlic. The magazine also included a feature on the upcoming documentary Blackfish (released in the USA and giving them a head start on the picketing of the Seaworld theme park) set to be released in Australia in early February. I keep hearing about this documentary from everywhere. I should watch it. In the cinema. In a black and white tux. Yeah ­čÖé

I have no excuse for buying a mans magazine (or any for that matter) except it had interesting sounding stories and Orlando Bloom on the cover and he looked extra dapper with his matching black rose pin and tie today. So dapper.

To throwing large, hard items in the name of consentual copulation,

Summer Tay.


Day 31: Love Thy Handles

Still alive, still not in jail. The cyanide in VitB12 would not be enough to harm you. Cyanocobalamin, the cyanide version of VitB12, is also found in fruits and nuts as well, such as almonds, soy, spinach, bamboo, apple seeds, etc. It turns out I am not the only one to have figured out and become surprised by the whole cyanide thing. Some sources say the Cyano VitB12 is fine, whilst others will mention the other option and say you’re better with the┬áMethylcobalamin one. Hmmm, I shall finish the supplements already bought, then be more careful next time. No more cyanide!

To mark the end of the first month of this diet attempt, someone pointed out I have lost weight. He made sure before making the comment by jiggling my (slightly diminished) love-handles. Joy.

To the end of a month of blogging,

Summer Tay.